Quarantine 3/23

It’s my mom’s fucking birthday today. She passed in 1999.

To think she’s missing all of this!

I love you, mom.

Sure, I’m a little obsessed with this virus and I think we should all be so fucking consumed.

As we know, hearing from virologists, epidemiologists and the like, this kind of novel coronavirus has been a when, not an if and you have to expect that more of these kinds of “plagues” are inbound. Especially when you consider how addicted we are as a planet to animal agriculture and general scum-baggery.

As I have been practicing now for a while (for a variety of reasons), there is so much sense to a plant-based diet it’s embarrassing not to be in pursuit of such a life-style.

I hope people are enacted to make some changes because of this humanity time-out.

This fucking virus is ONLY A SYMPTOM of a much bigger problem.

But the idea of how to deal with these outbreaks has to be the most interesting study, for us as a civilization, as a species. Some have the bright idea of insisting that we are the cancer or the virus; therefore, this Covid-19 is naturally earth’s antidote against us.

That’s smart, but we need stay in the here and now for a bit, too, and deal with this mess.  That’s where guys like Larry Brilliant come in.

Here’s an interview with this man Brilliant who was at the head of the medical movement that killed small pox. He’s interviewed in linked article about this current novel virus; we get linked to the TED Talk he gave in 2006 where he discusses killing small pox, the then near eradication of polio, and some interesting insight on how SARS and bird flu never quite took off, etc.

Very interesting. Have a read and a listen. For our sake.


In closing, our leadership here in the states is just the shits. If you’re in power, real economic/financial or political power, you’re a scumbag.

I sound “radicalized.” Liberal.

Fuck you. Joe Biden should be in an assisted living facility, I’m afraid.

The Dems are no better than Trump.

But Trump is a joke. End the puppet show. Turn this over to Science (with a capital S) and the military. Get this thing organized, objective and let’s go!

Worrying about the stock market right now is so corrupt.

Worrying about people’s access to food and medical care should be the ONLY concern of our leadership. The social distancing/lock down is a must and we thank those governors who are pulling their weight. Let’s take this seriously for a fucking month!  For five minutes.

As many of us have acknowledged: there is a silver-lining to this health crisis. We continue to see how terribly vulnerable we are and how incompetent and corrupt are leaders are. Trump is managing this like an idiotic, indeed, mentally challenged 10 year-old. Shut this fuck up. This isn’t politics. This is America circling the drain, my God.

And his desire to ease the isolation restrictions, save the economy, embrace our freedom  yada yada yada, has nothing to do with some kind of Churchillian ethos or inspirational impulse.

He’s just a scumbag. Sure he wants only to get re-elected, at the expense of a pandemic becoming completely rampant and out-of-control. But this is bigger than that.

Our friend Bob Lefsetz comes-up with a nice riff to put us to sleep tonight and put all of this in (for a second at least) a little perspective (I have been getting his newsletter emailed to me for years, but rarely read it. When I do I’m usually grateful that I did).

This is a game folks, and you’ve already lost.

First and foremost, the rules have been eviscerated, facts don’t matter, and we can argue all day what’s real and what’s not but the truth is those in power have moved beyond, are laughing at us as they pull the strings to screw us.

And of course the right is getting screwed too, but they don’t want anybody to get social welfare, they don’t want people of color and immigrants getting a leg up, so they can’t vote Democratic, no way.

And the Democrats are an elite tribe who have contempt for everybody else, paying lip service to the little people and then lining their own pockets.

Once again, Wall Street got money after the crash of 2008, you lost your home. Socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor.  

Socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor?

Thanks, Bob.

Thanks for reading, folks.

Let’s go!

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