2020 AO Final: Djokovic vs. Thiem

Novak Djokovic
I don’t have enough bloody time to get into this right now, but what exactly is there to get into?  We are going to hopefully see a great match, with a couple of turning-points, shifts in momentum, etc.

Time to watch tennis.

A straight-set clinic from the Serb would be a let down. To be fair to Nadal (and his fan club), like I said with the U.S. Open final, the best thing for the sport is for a Thiem (or Medvedev) to win this match. This goes back to my commentary the other day on the tragic inability of a non-Big 3 bloke to make a dent in that Empire’s bulwark.

Indeed, as hard as this is for a Djoker fanboy or fangirl to hear (that this goes against much what some fanatic would argue is at the heart of sports — rooting for your team), he or she is wrong. The sport needs some parity desperately. Novak will win another handful of majors either way. Calm down.

Let’s see a masterful exchange tonight!

They are 6-4 H2H, to the Djoker. This should not be a complete shit show. Then again, Thiem has done a lot to get to this point. Novak has been at a cool cupcake contest.

Still, the Austrian is one of the game’s greatest fighters, has been coming into his own for a few years now. Has beaten the Big 3, more than once.

Let’s see a classic!

And if Djokovic cleans the court with the 26 year-old (not that young, actually), so be it. He’s the best in the sport and he owns Rod Laver Arena. We would not be mad at his highness.

Talk to you soon.  I have much to say, which I’ve promised, of which you’ve grown weary.

I don’t blame you.


Djokovic in four, which breaks my heart because we want Thiem in five!


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