Quick Note on Zverev/Thiem Before a Nap

Wish I could write my full response to the Djokovic win over Federer last night; I have a lot to say about that “scene.” Obviously, the result is the least of our concern. I want to meditate on the Federer legacy; this is a bit complicated since I have already begun work on said legacy with that pain-in-the-ass treatise I’m trying to finish, an ebook, my good friends.

I think this other piece I’ll write tomorrow is simply what I called it: a meditation. No need to take this criticism of the Swiss great I have like a burr under my tail beyond just a few posts. But his act and his betrothed fandom’s collective act do have me quite interested in getting this feeling of nausea off my mid-section.

Was at least somewhat entertaining last night to see some of Djokovic’s brilliance, again.

But the day has been long, I just returned from an evening soccer match, snuck-in a run, and a couple of pints have me ready for a proper nap before my alarm kicks my ass in order to watch another midnight best-of-five at the lovely confines of Melbourne Park.

As for tonight’s match, I’m torn.

I beliem in Thiem, I like his tennis a great deal, but I just saw Zverev pretty much hit Stan off the court. Moreover, I’m also not terribly optimistic about the one-hander (many thanks, Stan and Roger); of course, Dominic’s youth and ferocity gets the better of his one-handed elders.

Thiem should survive though hopefully he didn’t exert too much energy getting by Nadal.

Zverev looked like he’d just had a nice lunch after his QF with Stan; Domi looked like he’d been up for three nights, out of his mind, after his QF come-to-Jesus.

I think tonight could go either way. The door is opening for these youngsters. Both of tonight’s semi-finalists, along with Medvedev and Tsitsipas, are on the verge. This should be a high energy affair if they both have their quality.

Enjoy the match and talk to you tomorrow.

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