Aussie Open Day 2

maxresdefaultI didn’t get to see much. The ESPN broadcast yields scant coverage, but the fact that I have YouTube TV does limit my options (happy as can be with this streaming service, by the way). I watched Fognini save himself at the end of the fifth against Opelka. Apparently, there was all kinds of drama in this match, with Fabio going after the chair, bringing-up Nadal’s preferential treatment, etc. Typical Fognini.

Let’s just look at some results of interest. Medvedev got through a decent little test against Tiafoe. The American is not built to beat a Medvedev type. Frances is pretty fragile mentally, loses focus, etc. Too bad. But the Russian is through.

He cruises now until a Wawrinka or Isner R16. If you look at that draw, you have to like Medvedev to make the SF and a rematch with Nadal. Goffin, Rublev and Zverev, among a few others, lurk in the other side of that quarter, but one needs a big game to beat the 4-seed. I don’t see him beating Nadal, however, as he stands too far back, too often.

Kyrgios got through pretty handily and seems to have his wits about him, so let’s hope he continues. He has Simon next, who could be tricky for the Aussie, and then perhaps a Khachanov match-up with the winner to meet Nadal in that R16. Wouldn’t that be special.

Other survivors: Anderson had to save a MP, but he’s through; Thiem got through potential difficulty, Millman beat Humbert (as said in my preview, Federer has two of his recent assassins in his immediate draw — Dimitrov and Millman). Federer might get both though the Aussie has Hurkacz next.

Here are some matches I like coming-up later tonight:

  1. Davidovich Fokina vs. Schwartzman — I said I was intrigued with this Spaniard’s tennis last year. He survived a five-setter in the first round and now gets the pesky Argentine. I don’t think anyone will have this on the tele, but I want to see it. Watch it for me if you can and tell us about it. Thanks. And thank heavens for highlights.
  2. Tsitsipas vs. Kholy — Yes. The German is a professional and this one-handed sword fight should be a delightful watch. I hope I can see some of this one.
  3. Dimitrov vs. Paul. The American Tommy Paul is from that class of Fritz and Tiafoe and Opelka, et al. This kid has some game. He got through Mayer in the first, from down a set; very nice to see. Would love to see him rise-up for the American contingent and spank Baby Fed. 😀
  4. Kyrgios vs. Simon might be interesting, too. I hope the Aussie can stay focused

Enjoy the tennis and donate, hope and pray for more progress on smashing these fires!

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