Air Quality > Tennis Quality

Fires3As we all know, despite a lack of mainstream tennis media coverage (ATP/, etc.), the poor air quality in Melbourne is having a massive impact on the tournament. At least one player, on the women’s side, had to pull-out of qualifying following a fit of coughing. Other players have had much difficulty playing or practicing. Even indoor courts are affected. Impossible to completely control the smoke, obviously. People have to breath.

indexDo they extend the tournament to three weeks? Do they shorten the men’s format to Bo3?

These concerns, of course, pale in comparison to the loss of life, countryside, and people’s homes.

How in the world do you hold a sporting event in these kinds of conditions?

I’m afraid the question has to be asked, seriously.


How about the dumbass claim that arson is more of a factor in this calamity than is climate change?

Dear God.

2 thoughts on “Air Quality > Tennis Quality

  1. bArt

    A lot of the media (in NZ anyways) is about the temperature and the need to either move the venue or move the date. He’s a bright Kiwi’s suggestion… Why not air conditioners on the roof aiming downwards, Voila! Pleasant conditions for players, officials and spectators alike. There may be a practical reason I’ve overlooked.


    1. Interesting and thanks for chiming in from NZ!

      I saw they had some rain and whatever tennis I’ve seen, the players seem to be OK.
      Certainly appears to be an indoor event at this point.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting, Art.


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