Serbia vs. Russia SF #1

Tricky tie here. Like Evans did to AUS in that QF, can another one-hander give his side an edge? Khachanov has to be favored here though I haven’t really seen the Russians play, although I did see Medvedev basically tell Mohamed Lahyani to fuck off during the Russian’s rubber against Schwartzman. Lahyani practically gave Medvedev a kiss — the player took two swipes (that I saw) at the actual chair, which is more or less feigned assault. Daniil was being an asshole. Nothing new here. You know how I feel about this kid. I think he’s got a mental fortress which he can use (as we know) to overcome all sorts of difficulty (we’ve been following him for two years, at least). But he’s also a punk and his tennis, in my humble opinion, has a definite ceiling. I was not one to crown him a legend during his U.S. Open final against Nadal. He lost. Next. His talent has been on the radar for awhile.

But I digress.


How hard does Novak have to work to beat Daniil? That’s the real question. With Karen likely winning the first rubber (though I am certainly rooting for the one-hander as that’s one of this writer’s missions, as you know, and he has quite often shown-up in matches and can play well), Novak has to win his match. It’s that simple.

We suspect a very entertaining doubles decider will ensue for the right to move-on to the Final to play the winner of Australia and Spain, who clash later tonight (can I stay-up all night and watch?).

More on that later.

My sense is that Shapo is playing well and really tested Djokovic yesterday (another one-hander :). Meaning the Serb, all things being equal, takes care of Medvedev in two.

Talk to you soon.

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