Serbia vs. Canada Live Blog

Right now, two things, one everyone sees, one no one sees:

  1. FAA continues to look absolutely amateurish. Take a page from Shapo and get a coach (great to see Youzhny still at the controls in Shapo’s ((Canada’s)) box!).
  2. Novak is with a partial mind toward tanking this rubber/tie, and getting some downtime before the very difficult fortnight he has on his calendar that begins in about a week! Remember, aside from the ridiculous redundancy that is the ATP Cup (six weeks after the Davis Cup Finals), its proximity to Melbourne is irresponsible.

Novak needs to win this Shapovalov match, so he doesn’t have to play doubles. He has Medvedev and Nadal in his path if he and Serbia survive this fist-fight, having just secured the break in the second set, already down a set!

Edit: Oh, and the Tennis Channel broadcasting WTA tennis from Auckland instead of the Djoker vs Shapo match? Great stuff, TC. Thankfully I have a second job to pay for things like Tennis Channel Plus (still supporting those buffoons I am!).

We are on serve in this decider between the Serb and Canadian. . .

Edit: Novak serving for the tie at 5-4 and broken! Wow.

Edit: Novak up 5-0 in the third set TB — brilliant match despite this collapse from Shapo here in the end. Such solid tennis from the young Canadian. Build on this!

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