Indeed, my last post yesterday adding a little after-thought to the AUS vs GBR tie preview turned-out to be spot-on (this addendum post was, in effect, a “Must Watch” indication). 🙂

First of all, I guess ATP rank dictated that Kyrgios play Norrie? Ouch, if that’s the case because that will probably put Aussie doubles in the cross-hairs the rest of the tournament. De Minaur, if tour ranking dictates who plays in the first or second singles rubber, will be playing Nadal, Djokovic or Medvedev.

If Australia could throw giant killer Kyrios at the likes of those three above, AUS would have a much better chance of winning the tie.

I predicted Evans’ occasional one-handed brilliance could throw last night’s tie a proverbial slice, which occurred and GBR almost pulled-off what would have been a great upset.

We want the Aussie vs Spain SF, but we welcome the upset, always.

Serbia and Spain seem prohibitive favorites tonight.

Maybe a live blog as we watch the evening’s ties.

Enjoy the tennis!

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