I am a Believer

Nadalism is a powerful ideology, so powerful that it can affect nature, the way events happen, the way life unfolds, the way people perform their daily activities.

Nadal down-a-set corresponds with my prediction that he would somehow still defeat Tsitsipas. That happened.

I have never been more certain of something than I am of Medvedev beating Zverev in a match that starts in about an hour. This result, Medvedev upsetting the German, will catapult Nadal in the WTF SF.

Has there ever been a player more “gifted” his formidable status than Nadal? This will be more thoroughly explained in that treatise I will pen (I have built the argument intermittently on this blog) on the aforementioned 21st century tennis phenomenon.

This draw (with the power of Nadalism clearly in-tow) will personally escort the Spaniard who looked DOA at the O2 earlier in the week when he lost his opening RR match to Zverev, coming-off an injury retirement in Paris a couple of weeks ago, into the tournament’s final four. He will likely play Federer.

Federer vanquished the ultimate Nadal antidote, so we have the near certain prospect of Nadal and three one-handers set to face-off in the semi-finals in a day or so.


Naturally (I should say cosmically, or, at the very least, logically), Nadal will go-on to win his first ATP Final crown.

Believe it, folks.

I’m just reporting the news, before it happens.


One thought on “I am a Believer

  1. dlima1987

    Well…see what happens when you let go of your unbiased and appreciated analysis of tennis and go into the realms of fandom?


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