Tennis of Consequence

Am I putting too much value and expectation on (over reading) today’s Federer vs Djokovic?

I said this is Federer’s last chance to avenge the 2019 WB collapse he suffered against the Serb.

First of all, this isn’t WB at all, so my assertion has to get over that obstacle first and foremost. Federer will never get that back. Fedfan will say that the Swiss’ eight Wimby titles are enough of a “claim.” Any reasonable tennis fan knows that’s true and false at the same time.

Djokovic did to Federer at 2019 WB what Federer needs to do to Djokovic tonight.

If Federer had won that WB final, he would have had nine Wimby titles, would have reached for that crown with Nadal (SF) and Djokovic (F) carcasses in his wake. He would have 21 majors. The numbers, the theater, the optics, what that win would have done to this golden era’s tennis zeitgeist would have been profound.

Federer’s immense shadow cast, in the wake of a victory there, on the Championships’ lawns and beyond would have been very very difficult to avoid, to overcome.

In other words, there was a lot at stake there for Federer. He had two MPs to secure that history.

Djokovic, to a certain extent, has a similar historical match here that could have heavy historical consequences, if he wins today’s RR against Federer and goes on to win this title.

Number of ATP Finals titles and YE #1s are in play today for Djokovic. Add to that the enormously important cumulative weeks at #1 and you have massive importance in today’s match.

Roger can alter the course of history today, like Novak did back in July at SW19.

Can Roger muster the courage and form to out duel and outclass the Serb?

In current form, no.

Federer has to seek a higher level, pretty much an out-of-body experience, play above himself, despite himself. He has to contradict the laws of nature, the laws of sport dominance.

This is the era of Djokovic.

Federer has to stem the tide to avoid a nearly inescapable view: the wake of the Djoker marching toward history.

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