Looking to London

We’ll get into some appropriate year-end commentary this coming week. The ATP Finals should be good with the top eight gents primed to end the year on a high.

Nadal — ?

What’s Nadal going to do? He needs to fly back to Mallorca, put to rest whatever drama he wants to create to mitigate the warranted criticism coming his way concerning this bow-out in Paris where he was on the verge of eating Shapo for lunch and facing Djokovic in the final.

Again, looks a lot like a guy set to play Federer in the 2019 IW SF until that match never came to pass, either, due to sudden “injury.” Nadal’s abdominal strain could be for real, above board, but it looks like crap. How can anyone take this guy seriously when such shit happens time and again, at the doorstep of a consequential match?

You are who we thought you were.

Is the Djoker far and away the favorite in London? Yes because of the stakes. He’s very tough when he has so much to play for. At the same time, we’ve seen some shaky (perhaps injury induced) tennis from him over the last month or so.

Today’s Paris final was terrible. Shapo is not ready for prime time. Youzhny has done some nice things with the Canadian’s game, but the student looked like a freshman out there against Novak today. The ROS was simply horrific. Shorten your bloody swing, fella.


The ATP Finals field looks solid.

We’ll know more in the next day or so with regards to Nadal, the groups, etc.

Talk to you then.

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