All laughing aside, this sucks for the tournament, and the sport in general. I had pricey tickets to the 2019 Indian Wells SFs, where I would have seen Federer v Nadal. Nadal pulled-out of that. Some don’t count these retirements in the H2H numbers; I’m sure Rafa is one such statistician/historian.

It’s a loss.

A loss for more than just Rafa.

People with tickets for that match are fucked.

Oh well.

He’s out of London too. Has to be.

If you see him warming-up at the 02, you’re Nadal fan, or even an unsuspecting tennis fan who wants to believe in good, honest sport, check your drawers. There’s a big poop in your pants.

No good: stinks.

But this is classic Nadal, who actually looked to be playing okay.

Hey, look at the bright-side: we have a one-hander in the final! Despite Dimitrov falling on his face a bit in that first set TB v Novak and losing that pretty tight SF, we have OHBH in the Paris final. Allez!


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