Dumpster Fire

Nothing new here with this absolute no-show from some of these so-called “top seeds.”

Nothing new that these youngsters have zero class/character/balls/kairos/confidence etc., etc.

Thiem, Khachanov, Tsitsipas (tough draw, which we called), Zverev (he went five again — he’s done; in fact, he gets Tiafoe next. I’ll take the American in five), and Bautista Agut (I’ll give him a pass, actually).

All of that in the bottom-half. Even FAA’s no-show looks bad, though his opponent was part of our preview, which we noted since he showed some form last week and he’s now got some class in his box in the form of Youzhny. That was a Russian mob hit job on Felix. Jeezus.

Speaking of Biblical references: nothing new that the waters here in this draw have parted once again for Nadal, our Moses figure who will lead all of his hack fans to the promised-land.

Again, this is not surprising at all.

It’s like these horrific, end-times wild fires suffocating this dumpster fire that is our humanity, our glorious species.

But we’re talking about a tennis tournament here. Sorry for the digression.

I wanted to write a more thoughtful post tonight about a bunch of the matches yesterday and today . . . tonight.

But I’ll just finish this Kyrgios 11:30 start match against Johnson. Kyrgios looks good, per usual, chirping at the fans, hitting winners with the hair on his chiny chin chin.

I hope Medvedev’s Cincy win can somehow inspire this Aussie knucklehead.

I know: I sound like a lunatic.


I’m going to go help with this dumpster fire, help control the burn. Everyone else is sitting around mouth-breathing, thinking this tournament, this sport for that matter, is A – OK.


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