Kyrgios Wins the Point

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Facts or nah

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But he lost the match, and has totally lost the plot, as well as anyone who might defend him (me).

He’s a complete liability on the court for the fans (who might be offended by his behavior, who might be betting on the match — gambling is legal in many parts of the world and only finding more acceptance world-wide), some of whom are children, the chair, his opponent, the integrity of the sport, etc.

He can not be trusted in the frame of competition on the tennis court. Off the court, who knows, and that’s not our concern here. But on the court, he’s inclined to say or do something indecent or go ahead and mail-it-in, forego any effort in a match, give-up, tank.

These are two completely different forms of indecency, unethical behavior.

So, good Instagram post, Nick. Many of us agree: Nadal’s “style” or gamesmanship is clown-like and the ATP looks like utter garbage for looking the other way on this stuff.

But you are a worse kind of clown. STFUP and show us how good you are at this sport.

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