Jornet Destroys Sierre Zinal CR


The Catalan wins his seventh Sierre Zinal in 2:25:35 that finally, after all of these years, overcomes Jonathan Wyatt‘s 2:29 from 2003. As great as Jornet has been through the years, he’s always hovered around that 2:30-31 mark, seemingly quite the reach to finally establish that important CR in his beloved Alps, at one of his favorite venues, in these days of FKT and CR obsession.

A nearly four minute improvement? This record smashing performance seems to have been predicated on the Salomon athlete’s decision to attack from the outset not only the field but the course’s early ascent.

This strategy gave Kilian a nearly two minute early cushion over second place, and 2016 Sierre Zinal winner, Petro Mamu (Eritrea); Mamu also broke Jono’s 2003 mark, running 2:26:31.

This cushion to the top of the course seems to have given Jornet the ability to cruise to the finish, perhaps having “broken” some kind of magical barrier on this elevated and historic course.

Third was American Jim Walmsley in 2:31:52.

Truly hats-off and cheers to Kilian Jornet; such a fitting achievement for this incredible mountain athlete.

Full Results.

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