The Tennis Channel is a Joke


With the men playing some meaningful matches in Montreal, the TV broadcast is all dialed-in to weak WTA matches. You can not tell me this is a good move. This is a scared PR move.

Instead, to watch the men, you have to shell-out some decent $$ to access streams via Tennis Channel Plus.

I make the purchase, but that doesn’t mean this is shameful, liberal elitist bullshit.

That’s what this is if you were wondering.

Politics are embarrassing.

We’re moving to 2-2, first set between FAA and Khachanov, in case you were wondering.

Ahh, Khachanov with the break, to serve at 3-2.

I tried to watch the Thiem v Cilic match. This was just bad tennis, giving more and more evidence of the weakness of this tour below the Big 3. I’m getting more and more worried, if you couldn’t tell; this Thiem/Cilic match gave this belief more and more credence.

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