From What Planet Hails the ATP?


The ATP site will most likely move-on from this announcement, lead image/story since the 2019 Wimbledon semi-finals just became set for play on Friday with Djokovic vs RBA in one and Fedal in the other. Perhaps this Nitto ATP Finals “news” is just a position holder while the staff frantically get their stories written and images in place. Should have had all of that ready, I would think, and perhaps go right to the Wimbledon news, if you ask me.

This move here seems a little acontextual, off-the-mark and awkward, if you’re Nadal.

Nadal is the first to qualify for London? Great. He probably won’t even suit-up for the round-robin; someone like Fognini will replace the Spaniard. He’s missed the last two years, pulling-out due to injury. Furthermore, he’s never even won this prestigious event.

So, I like that you’re plugging your esteemed end-of-year tournament involving the top eight players on tour, but odd to go front-and-center with such a shout-out given some basic context, no?

  1. Wimbledon news seems much more relevant, in which Nadal is involved (along with Federer and Djokovic).
  2. Nadal doesn’t usually play the event and has never won there.

Some interesting matches today, or not. Pretty predictable and we’ll have some things to say about those matches, as well as preview Friday SFs later today or tonight.


Can’t wait for the ATP Finals!

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