Pre-Wimbledon Nerves Part II

Too much build-up to this post and you already know the point.

Federer is nervous. His career of reticent play and off-beat chokes make any Fedfan (following suit with their guy) nervous.

The only thing about Federer and the nerves in Wimbledon, however, is he shouldn’t have anything to be nervous about. Not that he’s a favorite, necessarily, but that he has eight Wimbledon crowns, he’s 37 years-old and he’s the 2nd seed.

Which all together is freaking people out.

This picture right here, buried in this tweet I’m afraid is making a lot of people nervous.

He has nothing to lose, other than the most prestigious tournament this year.

To summarize: he’s a little nervous (he illustrates this often), but he makes a lot of people nervous, especially when this involves that relaxed (reticent) pose on Centre Court, having played his way to a 2-seed.

Djokovic is nervous. I am not quite sure why, but given the stakes, given Nadal’s win at the French, the slam counts, which his obnoxious fans probably remind him of by the minute in their obsessive and creepy ways, his defense of this glorious title, and Federer’s reticent (and cool) confidence, he’s nervous.

He even defended Nadal.

A lot of people are defending Nadal. Why? What did Nadal do to deserve so much sympathy? I’m at a loss here. The guy gets “bumps” all the time. I chart said “bumps.”

Read about Nadalism on this blog. This is a formal study of the advantages this guy procures throughout the season, throughout his career.

Roger, having won three titles this year, having established himself as a grass genius throughout his career, and subject to Wimbledon’s own seedings formula that the tournament’s used for almost 20 years, gets moved-up one seed and people are acting very nervous.

Nadal has spoken, his family, Djokovic on his behalf, the clown Rusedski, who is a complete tool.

Several people found where the Brit celebrated this seedings formula years ago.

Of course, I have my own understanding of this clown. He mocked Sampras’ final run at the 2002 U.S. Open, opining that the American didn’t have a chance at winning the title from the funk Pete had been in for months. Pete beat the Brit in five in the third round.

The guy is a buffoon.

They’re all nervous.

The rest of the field, or at least the majority are perpetually nervous.

Gilles Simon made an interesting remark the other day. To back-up the claim that a guy like Felix might have a chance at this tournament, Simon pointed-out that these young guys aren’t has despondent (or nervous) because they haven’t been repeatedly beaten by the Big 3 like most of the rest of the field older than 22 years-old.

Cilic spanked Nadal in an exhibition yesterday or the day before and said, naturally, that Nadal is the favorite at SW19. Wha?

I think Nadal should be, which I said in 2017, 2018, etc. When you play that well on the clay, some of that dominant form should transfer. At least that’s what class should entail.

But Cilic saying that, then? Cilic and Simon are nervous wrecks.

The draw comes-out tomorrow I hear. I suspect Nadal and Federer will meet in a SF, if the Swiss can get aboard the Express. Nadal’s nervousness, along with his tough loss to Djoker in last year’s SF should motivate Rafa to all kinds of manic, nervous form.

He’s the king of nervous. If he gets too nervous, he gets bounced.

His last six Wimby results:


I think Nadal has to play well, and I think he will. His tournament will likely come-down to a match with Novak and/or Roger.

At this point, despite my Big 3 condemnation (how this affects the sport), let’s see the big boys rise and fight this thing out in the end.

We’ll see.

Tough to call when everyone’s so nervous.

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