Hey folks,

to be fair, you should be able to find all manners of evidence of the nerves surrounding the game right now heading into Wimbledon yourself. I shouldn’t have to show you this tinder with which we can light an impressive inferno of insecurity and bullshit surrounding the top of the field.

Wander onto Twitter and see the mayhem yourself if you’re at a loss, at all: this is comedy.  I went just now and saw this garbage from Uncle Boney:

Folks, the Big 3 (and their adorable fans) are nervous. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Do your homework here because this only adds to the tennis, the draw, the match-ups, the fidgeting in the player’s box, etc.

This is marvelous!

Federer is the 2nd seed and indeed the peanut gallery has gone berserk.

I don’t quite have time to go into my own spin right now and I’m off to the mountains tomorrow morning, only for the day. Be assured: I will put things in perspective for you tomorrow.

This Wimbledon hysteria over Federer’s seeding and the like is such a pile of rubbish, especially when this move in the seedings is simple protocol, tradition.

Nadal . . . 😀

And the irony when he should be one of the favorites.

Stay-tuned for some perspective, folks.

But do your homework.


Look at this commentary from Tennis.com’s prized reporter.

What he fails to address here is how the homogenization of surfaces, which he brings-up himself, which he along with other knuckleheads argue discounts Wimbledon’s seedings calculus, has undermined the sport completely, defines this Big 3 orgy that has rendered the game virtually pointless (surface-less), nothing like its much better version pre golden era shitshow.

And remember, yo, Kevin Anderson jumped four spots to the fourth seed.

I will go on and on tomorrow and for the rest of time!

On a related matter, the NBA is considering a shorter season, coming down from the 82 game season.

What a great idea!

I’m kidding.

Wait, listen!

You can hear the moronic Bo3 > Bo5 hymn being sung by the chipmunk choir of that collective toilet-bowl tennis intelligentsia.

We’re getting soft folks and we’re starting to stink. Clean-up your act and do your homework.

And read Mcshow Blog. 🙂

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