Pre-SF Preview Banter

Well, folks, we got good today as these delayed QFs went very well, as well as we could have hoped (the tournament organizers should be quite grateful).

Some easy threes: Djoker 75 62 62 and Domi 62 64 62.

SF Friday goes #2 vs #3 first-up, followed by #1 vs #4.

This is how seedings are supposed to play-out at the business-end of a tournament. Most sports strictly observe this rule. The logic is obvious: of the top four, the #1 seed should get a match-up with #4, and #2 faces-off with #3. Logical and ethical.

Tennis, according to my general observation, rarely honors this SOP (and don’t give me this “draws are random” bullshit). Last year’s French, for instance, had 1 and 3 in the top-half, 2 and 4 in the bottom-half. The seedings-to-draw mystery is beyond random after the top-four.

One may not think this means much, but it does. There are several reason one fights for a higher seed. Our 2019 French Open SF line-up has a nice symmetry, numerically.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as nice symmetry in concerned with this final four.

Federer vs Nadal and Djokovic vs Thiem. Top four in the world and a magnificent couple of matches: four legends with a chance to play an epic final.

One last comment about the WTA (in light of the RG SF): people should be wary of how they defend their desire for equal exposure (TV coverage), equal respect as far as quality, etc. The WTA draws are pretty much always a complete basket-case, completely unpredictable, without any sense of dominance or leadership. Trying to spin this as a positive, as some kind of diversity of talent, etc., loses the plot, fumbles one’s definition of diversity, which means one ends-up sounding like that idiot Ben Rothenburger.

Here’s that clown being a sarcastic coward toward a fan who’s commenting on the weird WTA final four at Roland Garros. And just to be clear, the WTA final four fails every metric of competitive intrigue for a grand slam tournament. “Weird” is an understatement.

Rothenbooger is a die-hard WTA apologist, one of the anti-Bo5 clowns. He’s a troll.

I shared some thoughts on the press conference where Djokovic stuffed him in a locker, took his lunch money — though I did point-out how this troll probably took that exchange as a “win.” These types are insufferable.

As for those matches today, Djokovic vs Zverev was interesting for about 7-8 games. Zverev showed some decent form early, but Djokovic also looked a little slow to find his own feet, which means his slow start probably made Zverev look sharper than he really was.

With Zverev getting 3 to 4 BP chances in those early games and finally securing a break in the ninth game, he had the first set on his racquet at 5-4. We still imagined Djokovic winning the next three sets 3 3 and 3 if he were actually to concede the first set, but he broke back anyways, then broke again for 7-5. Djokovic looked pretty solid from there, pushing Zverev around, defending brilliantly, seemingly ready for some higher stake tennis starting tomorrow. He looks fresh and the numbers speak for themselves.

Thiem’s played a couple of four-setters, but he’s looked solid in the last couple of matches, seems to be rounding into form. I saw a Djokovic fan say something to the extent that Khachanov played like Berdych (meaning he didn’t test Thiem at all). Ha ha. I thought that was pretty funny and perhaps an apt potential comparison if the Russian doesn’t ever develop a game to break into bigger tournaments’ final four, a final or even the winner’s circle. Hopefully Karen can continue to develop a classier game than Berdych ever played.

I’ll post my short preview in an hour or so. 

I have a night job!

How fired-up are you all for tomorrow?


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