PSA: We Beliem in Thiem

Fuck Serena.

Even some of the scheduling, the Tennis Channel programming, the laughable “quality” of the WTA.

This “agenda” — whatever “they” think is “right” and “fair” — is bad. I have said this here and there on this blog: women’s tennis used to be a legitimate competition with legitimate champions and leaders and a ton of class — years ago.

This WTA stinks and Serena only makes it worse.

We didn’t comment on any of this “drama,” on some of the kooky scheduling, Federer v Wawrinka on Leglen, etc.

Not worth it when there are so many great tennis matches going-on.

But to disrespect Thiem with the grotesque humanity that is this American who’s just not, at all, in the same class as so many of her peers she’s supposedly surpassed, including her sister.

A very bad look to come at Domi Thiem like that.


I hope this inspires the Austrian great.

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