GTFOH, Roland Garros.


This draw can go to hell.

The fucking balls on this FO brain-trust to take the biggest most wretched dump they could find all over the world of men’s tennis, simple common sense or any sane person’s conscience.

I read the ATP’s “analysis” of the draw; they basically stuck a tennis racquet up their ass.

Not even a hint that Nadal opens with a qualifier and then plays the winner of two more qualifiers.

You have to be kidding me.

Novak opens with Hurkacz, a difficult young Pol we’ve written about on a few different occasions.

Novak then has some Coric/Struff/Shapo before getting a Fognini/Kyrgios/Zverev/RBA in that QF.

Then Dominic Thiem.

That’s if Thiem survives the likes of Monfils et al before his QF with Del Potro. Thiem’s quarter includes Khachanov, Pouille, and FAA.

You following this shit?

Federer has a 2019 Monte Carlo quarter-finalist in R1. Berrentini (won Budapest, finalist in Munich), Schwartzman, Kohlschreiber, Cecchinato are among the guys Federer will have to face after that to get to the QF. There he faces the likes of Stan, Cilic or Tsitsipas.

Federer might say he’s playing free and having fun, but even he might smell the gas.

Speaking of . . .

Nadal gets, at best, a Goffin in the 3R, Basilashvili or Pella round of 16 . . .then Nishivedev or Joao Sousa or Djere in the QF. . .

Yet everyone’s sitting around with their thumbs up their ass.



We haven’t forgotten about Domi Thiem, by the way. Seems so much to ask the one-hander (that includes Stefanos and Roger) to run through to the deep-end of this draw.

But we certainly want to see Thiem take another step forward.

In the mean time, we have felt all along that Novak is the planet’s only hope.

I was a little worried before even seeing the draw (though I did see the draw — as you know, before it even happened).

For now, Lyon’s final four:

Fritz v Paire 5:30am
FAA v Basilashvili 6:50am

Let’s get ready to rumble, people.


3 thoughts on “GTFOH, Roland Garros.

  1. dlima1987

    Hi Matt,

    Agree Nadal has an easy draw – dont really agree that it makes a difference since he usually just brutalizes whoever he faces early on. Might make a difference for the other guys to have easy draws though.

    Don’t really see Dom or Novak challenging Nadal. My call is actually that Tsitsipas is the guy who can upset Nadal – he is just fearless and looks like he is improving with literally every match



    1. Hey Duarte.
      I hear people say the draw doesn’t really matter. I disagree.

      Nadal not having to deal with a Schwartzman/Fognini/Monfils/FAA/Cilic/Wawrinka/Verdasco type at all is soft-city. Sure he steamrolls everyone, but this is about the two-week cost on energy, etc.

      Tennis draws are mystery science theater.

      I like your call on Tsitsipas. I just hope the field is up for this.
      Seems like a complete cake-walk for Nadal.


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