Added Programming @Mcshow

My idea of a visual to represent my bright idea. This is a look at downtown San Diego, at dawn; then panning back across our north to our east county, to last Sunday’s sunrise.

Along with the dirtball we’ll be covering over the next two to three months, seeing if Djokovic can really catch and corner Nadal on the clay (see how a couple of Federer cameos go — Madrid and Paris only?), and how these youngsters in this evolving post golden-age era continue to evolve on the clay in these legends’ shadows (I’m talking especially to you, Domi) — I am going to add a post a week where I talk about five or so other sports stories, issues, etc.  Just a little broader scope since I can and do think and talk sport as often as you can possibly imagine.

Yes I will probably win my NCAA pool again this year (I don’t win every year, obviously, but I have a good read on these kinds of things and I don’t even really watch/follow many of these other sports at this point in my life); I picked Virginia to win the tournament, which makes me (and one other guy) about the only ones left standing.

For sure, I’m a die-hard sports fan beyond tennis; however, in this middle age (over here in Middle Earth), I’m finding tennis is just that much more interesting compared to some of these other “popular” (American) sports, which have become, actually, almost passé (MLB, NFL . . .).

I’ll talk about what seems important to me, which will coincide with events and/or athletes to which I can add a little insight, story, etc. It’s that simple: I’m going to add to the sport discourse of Mcshow Blog.

Maybe this will inspire that next logical expansion: the podcast or vlog step-up.

I hope this adds to the enjoyment of this space. Thanks for continuing to visit and read.

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