Nadal, GTFOH.

Two weeks ago he retired from an Indian Wells semi-final, fucking-over an entire population of tennis fans, some of whom were holding a ticket for the match between his clay court highness and Federer.

He sure looks like the clay court specialist he is in that video from Twitter.


This is from the ATP rule book:

E. Retirement or Withdrawal Penalty (On-Site)

  1. 1)  A player who, because of injury or illness, retires during a match or withdraws during the tournament week must submit to an on-site medical examination by the designated tournament Doctor. Any player who retires during a match must be examined by the tournament Doctor prior to the end of play on the day of the retirement. Failure to submit to such examination shall be a violation of this sec- tion and shall subject a player to a fine at ATP World Tour tournaments of $10,000 ($2,500 for the qualifying competition) or at ATP Challenger Tour tournaments to a fine of $1,000, ($500 for the qualifying competition), or the amount of prize money won at the tournament, whichever is greater.
  2. 2)  Following any on-site retirement or withdrawal, the Supervisor at the next tourna- ment in which the players wants to play, may require the player to submit to an on-site examination by the designated tournament Doctor and receive authoriza- tion from the Supervisor before competing in any future ATP World Tour and ATP Challenger Tour tournaments. The Supervisor’s authorization shall be based on the following: the results of the on-site medical examination; a review of such results with one of ATP’s medical services directors, if possible; and any other appropriate information.

Did Rafa break any rules? Was he legitimately injured? Who the fuck knows. I said it then and I’ll say it again: he had Monte Carlo on his mind, of course even bigger things related to that surface, his legacy, etc. I was fairly subdued following that retirement at Indian Wells. I was too fair.

Rafa saved himself, sacrificing more humiliation for the sake of his legacy.

I hope Djokovic is ready to take his A game to the clay. Let’s not forget that FAA has some solid clay chops. Thiem, obviously, as well, with some Masters confidence and new energy in his camp.

We just want what is fair, what is right, no?

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