IW Top-half Implosion?

Is Raonic about to lose to the 2014 NCAA Division I men’s champ out of UCLA? He’s 25 at this point, has been on the Challenger and Futures landscape for a few years, but is up 4-1 in the third set over the awkward giant that is Milos Raonic. Someone just brought-up Novak-Djokovic-and-Marcos-Gironthe fact that Raonic hasn’t won a tournament in about three years. Just a basket case, but with a serve you can not overlook, aside from some pretty decent experience deep in 1000 and major draws.

Still, he’s about to lose to this guy: Marcos Giron. He can still break back, but it’s looking pretty bleak.

This kid Giron spanked De Minaur so we have to be especially high on this young American. Where’s he been? Whatever: not going to even bother. It’s nice to see ya.

If Raonic does lose, things continue to open-up in the top though a Zverev v Djokovic looks more and more likely. . .

Then again, Raonic just broke back.

Nice to see Khachanov beat Feli Lopez in a heated contest yesterday; his good form deepens a draw, for sure. Otherwise, nothing too dramatic in yesterday’s tennis other than Wawrinka continuing to hang-on for dear life and Federer looking good but then vulnerable against a decent ball striker who can move the older Swiss gent from side-to-side. Federer needs to serve particularly well, obviously.

Raonic starting to turn the table on this young American. Damn it.

He breaks again, so it’s 5-4, something out of Stranger Things about to serve for the match.

Kudos to Giron for making a little noise on the tour today. Keep at it!

Speaking of serves, when is someone going to hit the short underhand serve to Nadal, who per usual is parked 20 feet behind the BL. Embarrassing.

And just as I was saying to a friend, after watching the very end of that Serena v Vika match, hearing that this was the best WTA match of 2019, looking at Serena and thinking how out-of-shape she looks, how uncomfortable really (she just had a baby for God’s sake), she’s going to have an accident during a match, I’m afraid: she retires.

Isn’t she done, finally? Forget the near misses. Look at her on the court. Doesn’t look very healthy, to be competing on a professional level against these younger, fitter athletes.

It’s great to see a mom like that return to compete, but we need to say the same about Vika. But Serena just doesn’t look right out there.  Seriously.

Hoping Monfils and FAA play well today. Would be quite encouraged to see Thiem advance, as well.


Indeed, my nose for this shit is A+.
Raonic survives but now Struff has a 5-2 advantage on Sascha in their opening set.
Ha ha.

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