Federer’s Fuck-You-Tour


Of course I have a lot to say about the last couple of days, including Federer’s 100th.

Stay-tuned (I am so inundated with work right now I am fielding offers in order to farm some of this work out the smartest readership on the web).  😀

All joking aside (you know what I mean: of course I believe I have the smartest readers on the web), unbelievable stuff from Federer’s armed forces (attacking tennis at its finest, especially for a 37 year-old); more on that later.

I would also like to see the conclusion to Kyrgios’ Cortés-like conquest of Mexico before I sit and contemplate this fantastic February tennis (in fact, we have just poked through into March where things are about to blow-up!).

And I was wrong; my litmus test failed. Heavens what a run of sorts from, yes indeed, the Australian time-bomb.

Zverev v Kyrgios for the Acapulco crown. Brilliant early season stories to be told.

Let’s just say this toward the consequence of tonight’s final, 7:00pm PST.:

If Sascha prevails, all is forgotten of the wrecking-ball that is this early 2019 Kyrgios. In other words, he’s still not out-of-the-woods here. Sure he embarrassed Nadal, Stan and Big John. But he must ratify his treaty with the conquered tonight, must still commission his bronzed smug bust for the historians of this glorious sport.

Including me.

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