My First Post of the Year, Again

Probably no need to really write about anymore ATP during the 2019 season as I covered everything to a “T” in this first post of the year. Ha ha ha.


Actually, stay-tuned, I have a nice response to some weak tennis journalism relating to Nadal and the AO; I then proceed to take another big step into my Nadalism manifesto (you know, the one I develop and publish when I retire along with HRFRT and the rest of my oeuvre).


2019 should be quite interesting, actually.

Buying my IW tickets soon!

By the way, how about this video of Novak at his post AO final presser.
He’s a funny guy. I’ve seen this video about 76 times and laugh every time.
Gotta love Novak’s humanity. Been quite a journey for the Serb.

Have to respect it.


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