We Need Djokodal LIII


Or do we?

Pouille’s run has been a brilliant surprise. If this was closer to 2017, we’d have given him more consideration. But he’s been in a bit of a spiral. No question.

He stone-walled Raonic. The Canadian had converted 94% of his serve coming-in, had shown glimpses of a 2016 Milos, Wimbledon finalist, etc. Pouille had him by the throat. Pretty wild, really. Well done, Lucas.

Djokovic got a bit of a pass with another Kei retirement. We have to give Nishikori a break, I guess; he had a tough go through to that QF. I will look at some highlights, but I haven’t heard anything about any “injury.” Good news for Novak.

He should absolutely beat the Frenchman. Beating a healthy Novak in Melbourne has to be one of the bigger challenges in this sport.

Nadal will probably wipe the court with the Tsitsipas. This will be disappointing. The Greek has a courageous game and we all want to see him rise-up and make the Spaniard question his very existence like most good tennis players do. But here comes the attack of the vulnerable OHBH and the the way Nadal is targeting both corners, he’ll probably go after Stefanos’ FH, as well.

Let’s just hope this Federer/Del Potro off-spring (solid variety, potentially great BH attack with spin and angle to go with a dangerous fear-hand, one version of which involves a brilliant inside-in finisher) can man-up.

Unfortunately, he’s playing a completely rested and poised Nadal.

Hence, LIII.

We’ll see . . .

2 thoughts on “We Need Djokodal LIII

  1. dlima1987

    My take is that Tsitsipas needs that first set – Novak aside, no coming back from a set down against Rafa at this point, who surely will not be 0/12 in BP conversion


    1. I agree and I just hope he can make Rafa even sweat. Get some traction in the match. The Rafa bulldozer is working overtime. Slow Rafa’s roll.


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