Notadraw and Dimwitrov


I watched the entirety of the Tiafoe v Dimitrov match. As close as it seemed on the score board, this was just classic Grigor, playing small in all the wrong places (as if there’s a time to play small). Even when the American started to crack physically and the entire crowd including the call of the match thought this thing would turn dramatically in Dimitrov’s favor, down 0-2 sets, the Bulgarian still simply came up super duper small.

Just a bewilderment of waste.

Then again, I’m the guy that said Kyrgios is more talented than Dimitrov. Nick seems to be broken at this point and I STILL think he’s more talented than Dimitrov. Dimitrov chokes so bad at so many of the absolute worst times to choke (as if there’s a time to choke at all), his talent pretty much cancels itself.


Sure, I’ve shown love for that guy’s tennis. But I’ve been very very critical. I thought we might see a Dimitrov v Nadal (which would be a joke of a match, really). Now we get Tiafoe v Nadal. If Tiafoe is cracked physically, Nadal should catch a cold and go home to Mallorca. GTFOH with this ridiculous draw.

Yet if the American is feeling it, he’ll smash that old muscle-strewn clay court specialist.

More on Tiafoe tomorrow. What an enormous talent. His game has grown. He’s not one-dimensional. He can get a little careless, “lazy” perhaps, but he is a monster and should become an absolute terror on this tour. Rest-up, my fellow American. 😀

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