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Not much to say during this NEATO ATP Finals, folks. In case you were wondering. So, so predictable. Novak just destroying the field. The best part of Federer losing in the SF today (wild that he made it that far) is that all of the moronic (the worst) Nole fans can’t say they’re beating a peak Federer. Talk about insanity. I actually befriended some of these simpleminded folk. Tough to see them succumb to this kind of cockamamie commentary. They sound like try-hards, hardos, insecure intellectuals who got lost in the introduction.

Get used to it Nolefam. Federer has been old for years. You’ve been very very fortunate (an argument I made a million times in 2016) that Federer has even stuck around for you to beat-up on.

Your glow, your gloating of the fact that Nole has been beating Federer is asinine.

We need now to start comparing Anderson to Nalbandian, Cilic to Hewitt, Nishikori or Isner to Roddick.


As for Mcshow v the tennis establishment. . .


100 miles in my rear on tennis insight.

Thanks for the game breakdown, ATP!

Two of my observations that I made months ago I’ve heard “experts” talking about this week: Federer’s BH is better than his FH and Novak’s serve is really really good.

Annacone or Courier were looking at stats of Fed’s FH and BH and noted his BH is harder, really a more dangerous shot. I said that a few months or tournaments ago.

Then there’s the link above to the NEW insight on Novak’s serve.

Let’s go back to Wimbledon 2018.

I said this in my preview of Nadal v Djokovic SF:

I wrote two previews by the way: took Novak in both of them. Wrote two in case all of the tennis kooks (clowns) couldn’t hear me the first time. They’re still walking in circles, staring at their “smart” phones, diligently articulating to the social media world that they love and covet: “I. AM. AN. IDIOT.”

A lot of fans and tennis “experts” have Nadal in this one. Unfortunately, that’s just a misunderstanding.

Nadal will certainly come hard and come prepared to steal the match if Djokovic relapses and melts ala 2018 IW, MI or RG.

But mine eyes have seen a completely different Djoker. Call tomorrow a crisis, an intervention. No better venue or surface upon which to restore order.

And Novak has too much ground to make-up.

He can’t afford to lose.

My first post regarding the Nadal v Djokovic SF result.

In a longer Wimbledon reflection, I wrote this:

As for my call for Novak in four sets: this match should have been straight sets. Rafa was DOA in the first set with Djokovic pounding the BL on ROS or dictating in really every facet of the game (Novak’s serve was HUGE). Imagine if Novak cashes-in on more BPs? Of course, this woulda/shoulda song-and-dance is pointless. But Novak was all over the world #1 from the word “go.”

I followed-up on the serve later. That was one of the absolute keys to that win over Nadal.

Then I said this in the same post:

One of the big questions now is how does this affect the rest of the season. Novak should be licking his chops for hard courts. He might have a little more in the tank this year given that he has really only arrived whereas usually by this point in the season, he’s put a lot of mileage on that BL-oriented game.

Two stats here make this latter point so clear: he’s never won Cincinnati and has just the two U.S. Open titles. Novak, who many claim is the greatest HC player of all time, has had his slight difficulties on the N.A. hard courts.

But I think this is a different Novak. He’s evolved, in his own words, and in his own play. We have a lot to look forward to in the next couple of months and a lot to discuss — pay attention!

That’s pretty much your HC re-cap. No way Sascha should have enough to compete much tomorrow. And WAY too much on the line for Novak. He read my blogs about the 2016 meltdown: he BLEW THE DOG in that conclusion the the 2016 season, letting Andy snatch all of that temporary glory in the last few months, culminating in London. Novak’s legacy took a hit in 2016.

Not this year. Sascha could bring that 135 mph FS, and those inglorious two-handers, but Novak has, again, WAY too much class and on-the-line.

More importantly, listen to this tennis establishment arrive WAY too late on some of these critical observations of the top of the sport.

See if Sascha can touch Novak’s serve.

Novak’s serve is good now?  Thanks for the insight we’ve been chewing-on for over four months.


5 thoughts on “I Gotta Say

  1. Clint Grike

    Oh boy! Didn’t see that result coming. Tbh I had almost given up on zverev. I will never love his game, Like you Matt it’s the one handed backhand that does it for me. But after Khachanov a few weeks ago this result represents a glimmer of hope maybe that we might see some competition in the atp next year?


    1. Clint! You’re alive! Ha ha. I agree that this represents some glimmer of hope. I’ll write about it tonight or tomorrow but this is a bad result for Djoker unless he’s going to dominate for another 2 years.



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  3. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Do we really need Novak to dominate so long? I hope, he will get some competition not only from 198+ guys (well, I like th(i)em all, but I like tennis even more, hahaha …)
    But there are also new Isners coming (Opelka and some more), I’m follow things like this only in the hope to see them losing desire to hit the yellow ball over the net.
    There is still some hope for 185-193 (well, the upper limit is set at Tsitsipas’s height, normally I would set it at 188 ;)), but they are not many: Thiem, Tsitsipas, Dimitrov (no more hope, too old and I would recommend him to do business and red carpet things with Federer rather than play competitive tennis), Shapo plus some still playing old-guard (Stan, Gasquet – still good to watch but not a developing story).
    If Zevers, Khachanovs and company prevail, I stop to watch and wll only continue to play myself – it’s tennis history too, Matt, hahaha …


  4. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Did you realize in the final match, that Djoker has fitness issues? He has lost all or almost all longer points. After some of them he was close to exhaustion, had problems with catching breath and apparently needed to sit down and rest. Don’t know if this was still flu or some long-term issue.
    Novak is vegan since some years and lightweight. I recall Navratilova telling last 2017 or 2018, that with this fitness Novak will not be able to win slams. But after this statement he won 2. What do you think?


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