Remember to Vote Nov. 6

Stefanos Tsitsipas for President!

He (and his running mate Dominic Thiem — or vice versa) can save this God-forsaken country-sport.


Basel QF Tsitsipas v Medvedev is a statement match, if you’re interested in those kinds of things.

Thiem about to get into the thick of things Vienna (Querrey, then Nishikori).

In other words, wash your face of that Big 3 lipstick and start acting like a tennis fan.

Vote, Bozo, like you give a shit about this place!


21 thoughts on “Remember to Vote Nov. 6

  1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Yeah – Big3 for the Council of The Elders, Tsitsi for President, Thiem for Military Leader of the Tribe, Coric for Ministry of Patience, Alexander Zverev for, hmmm, for the Cahir of Federal Reserve, all others for simple military service or party boys/girls club (Seargent Pepper’s Lonely …)
    We would need Tsitsipas in London, but he is so far Governing Body At Future Presidents Band, performing leading vocal and solo guitar – a kind of Jimmy Hendrix of Tennis.


  2. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    With these two tennis is saved twice. Thiem has a little brother Moritz (closing to 19) and Tsitsipas has a little brother Petros (closing to 19 years). Moritz is OHB, don’t know about Petros, but they play sometimes together doubles on the ITF circuit. Both ranked around 1400. The future is bright 🙂


    1. Forget about their brothers.
      Tell Thiem’s campaign chairman to get his shit together.
      Big 2019 has to be in the books for Dom or it’s off to the land of Dimitrov for him.


  3. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Land of Dimitrov – maybe, but completely different reasons. Dimitrov is lazy party boy and hype lover. Thiem is a big (maybe too big) worker and hates hype. Just because of the hype of the Vienna crowd, where maybe 0,1% knows anything about tennis, Thiem was emotionally absent on court yesterday and delivered the worst match of his career against Nishikori (would win it, bot maybe in Vanuatu or Afganistan, not in Austria. Austria does not need or understand tennis. Campaign chairman is Bresnik and there are things nobody else would do better for Domi, it’s basic skills. Dominic needs John McEnroe or Boris Becker as touring coach. Or his friend from no-tennis circle, Lucas Leitner. Thiem was accompanied just by Lucas in Petersburg – no Bresnik, no touring coach, even no physio) and he won.
    But today – Copil for President? Or another arranged tournament for Fed? Medvedev takes xxxxxxx$ to lose today and Copil takes xxxxxxxxxx$ to lose tomorrow 😉


    1. I see Fed took the first set 6-1. Smells a little bit of a fix given that Medvedev has been playing so well and Federer has looked just average. Who knows.

      The tour, as I have been saying for months now, is Novak or bust. Every other match, in terms of top-of-the-tour significance is irrelevant. If you enjoy the match, the tennis, it’s all good.

      If you’re keeping an eye on the “race for #1,” wondering who is going to win Paris or London. The answer is Novak. Period.


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        Re “Who knows”. Well, Matt. You know. I know. This remind me on a Jewish anecdote. Two rabbis travel with a train in the same compartment. A simple Jew comes in. After some minutes of complete silence, both rabbis only watching over the window, the simple Jew cannot hold and asks. Dear Rabbis, why don’t you have an intense discussion? After some while one of the rabbis answers: he knows everyzhing, I know everything, what we should speak about? 😉


    2. To repeat, this Basel draw is a little suspicious. Am not watching the SF. Some people have to work.

      I’ll see if Fed is somehow untouchable later when I watch a tape. Up 3-0, now serving in the second with a double break I think.


  4. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Matt, Federer (and he whole shit of ATP) needs Federer to have titles no. 99 and 100. He tries since Rotterdam and nothing.
    How can they not arrange Basel?
    Fed is playing a complete crap from the very first match in Basel. No more grace in his movement, no more famous Federer’s footwork. He can hit still ridiculous serves but also a lot of double faults. He has no answer to deep shots. I remember Medvedev playing Thiem in Petersburg (very close 3-setter and Thiem was relaxed and in very good form, serving and returning very well. Just these long deee shots from the height from Medvedev was the only real problem of Thiem. Thiem prevailed but it was close.
    I just watched second set of Copil vs. Zverev and Medvedev vs. Federer. I can’t help, I’m quite sure (still respect to Copil) both matches are fixed. And maybe every one Federer’s match before was “arranged”. Can you imagine the amount of money, Federer would not pay to Copil so he is happy with the loss? This man is not someone playing for passion or glory, but simply for living. So if he gets 2 millions for the loss instead of 1 million for the win, would be an idiot, not taking the offer. No chance ATP arranges Paris for Fed. Novak has no competition there and nas nothing for sell 😉 So will they arrange London for Fed to have his 100th title just there? Maybe, but all 8 guys must be involved, meaning, Fed can have his glory, if he retires after that.
    Do you recall Bolletieri telling during the last 2-3 prime time of Novak, where Federer was losing every final? He told – Novak, let him win Wimbledon and retire.


    1. I’ll watch the Medvedev match later today. I think Fed is capable of some solid tennis, but he does not seem capable of a solid tournament against top 20-15 guys. A spectacular match? Yes. 3-4 matches? No.

      Copil can play, but beating Zverev who seemed to be in form does seem odd.

      Should we care? I should write my HRFRT epic and then start my FAA fan blog.


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        Just read in Swiss BLICK (together with big song about amazing Federer), that Medvedev leads alone the hard court ranking 2018 with 38 wins. And then he can suddenly not serve any ace, lots of double faults, every deeper ball is out, he plays constantly Fed to the racket, so he must not run at all.
        I’m curious to see Copil serving no ace (yesterday against Zverev if was more than 20, winning 20% of first serve (yesterday is was almost 100%).
        Your next epic should be HRFRHR 😉


  5. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Fed is still capable of hitting whatever he wants, assuming he is on time where the ball lands. That’
    s the problem of ageing tennis players. Hand skills stay for ever but at some age legs are going slower and slower and injury risk is growing.
    Toutes proportion gardée, I’m playing since about 20 years, started when about 50 years old. 6-7 years ago I have reached my peak. Since then I can still improve hitting, but cannot move so fast and well and my shots lose timing. That’s what is happening with Fed right now.
    I wrote some time ago an article about Federer’s footwork (having Thiem in mind, who’s footwork is “classic “heel-striking”, wondering if Thiem could learn it).
    IOt’s here with links to subjects like Tarahumara and Caballo Blanco.
    For Fed this is history now. I see, he even started to walk like heel-striker and probably uses some new kind of shoes.


  6. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Yes, but it’s rather about forefoot running (wearing simple sandals or barefoot). That’s IMO the secret of Federer’s footwork.


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        Yes, I think it’s just based on natural forefoot running of Tarahumara. maybe analyzed more detailed. For some it’s inborn (I’m running like that) but everyone can learn. I thought, maybe Thiem should learn this, because he is typical heel-striker. Ankle injuries come first with this running form and he just had one this year in Indian Wells.


  7. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    And ATP says “Ruthless Roger Races Into 14th Basel Final”. Do they understand tennis a bit? Or simply they know the truth and how to still make money, using Fed?


  8. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Again about Thiem’s possible path (you meant, either big 2019 or Dimitrov’s land. There is a third way (and more probable for Dominic) – Stan The Man. And there are many parallels between both. Magnus Norman for a touring coach?


  9. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Avoiding injuries – not only feet, knees and hip but also back – almost whole player 😉 Fed had back since young years, don’t know, what was it and then it repeated here and there. Knee was bathroom injury (or silent ban). Cannot recall other major injuries for Fed. Now he is only injured by age, hahaha (not very funny for him, but we are all on the same truck).


  10. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Just an idea for ATP. We have official appearance fees on ATP tournaments. Why not to allow DISAPPEARANCE FEES? Example. We need Federer to win Basel, 5 opponents must disappear. Let’s graduate disappearance fees depending on the round and ranking position of the player set to disappear. Disappearance fee for Copil today – how much?
    Guess, how many aces will hit Copil today. Yesterday it was 26 in 3 sets against Zverev, who was meant to disappear. Hahaha … business is business 😉


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