The Tennis World Weeps With Ignorance


I haven’t seen the match, actually, but saw this coming from miles away. Remember, I was in attendance when Federer and Coric played another 1000 SF, in Indian Wells, March of this year. Brilliant match. Federer Houdini-ed his way out of that loss, gave the youngster a very valuable tennis lesson that day. The Croat continues to climb (despite typical-for-his-generation drops in form); again, he’s the mini Djoker, for his fierce athletic style, aspiring THBH. We probably don’t want to form too many expectations, however.

Oh but the tennis world remains shocked by it all. is using the verb “stunned” to describe the Coric win today.

ATP web headquarters looks similar: Borna Serves Up Stunner, Ousts Roger In Shanghai

I said in yesterday’s tête-à-tête with Wlady: “Not sure he gets by Coric. If he does, hope he’s ready for some bagels.”

I had already said in yesterday’s post that Novak looks bored.  That was before today’s 2 and 1 snack v Zverev.

I have to imagine that Novak, Roger and Rafa facetime each other, little conference calls, the three of them, just sharing a good laugh or two at this odd sport history of sorts that they’ve created, curated, and mythologized.

11 thoughts on “The Tennis World Weeps With Ignorance

  1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    You steal my thoughts, Matt. What I thought directly after the match, was just – is Coric a mini- or micro-Djoker? We will maybe know tomorrow (or Coric is really hurt – had taped thigh all over the match today).
    For Djoker to not be bored, we need something more than old Federer and almost old Rafa. Thiem would be good, but not with his current mindset. Zverev would be good, but not with his monodimensional game. Others are too young. Tsitsipas not yet ready for Bo5. Fognini has balls big enough but is ageing too.
    You are right – until 2020 (expected retirements of Fed and Rafa, maybe too bored Djoker too) nothing will change. Fed will maybe still interested in reaching (but losing) some big finals). Rafa may have a trouble with Thiem, but is this fix, Thiem will reach finals next 10 years and will he always land in not with Rafa’s half of the draw?
    Shoked tennis world. Well – what is “tennis world”? Tennis world are you and me. I have not met others with this format so Big2? Hahaha …


  2. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Fed’s reply to the tennis world’s shock (see ATP website) “I’m Happy How I’m Playing”. Hahahahahahaha … Must be a stuff for their conference calls.
    I must say, I’m happy about how I’m playing too, hahaha …


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        Fed fans (???) rated his game like 1 from 5 in every aspect. They expect him to have another prime time, winning everything. They are not happy.


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        Speculations. Why just in Poland? In any case not a big news for me. I don’t like exhibitions and the crowds are 100% celebrities, not understanding tennis at all. I would not go to watch.


  3. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Nobody defeats Novak playing his game. This is Coric’s bad luck. He was more aggressive, hitting harder and serving bigger. The hardware was OK, but Novak”s software must have prevailed. Years for Coric to learn. Or to develop something different. Or to turn another Djoker after Novak retires 😉


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