2018 Shanghai Champion — You Heard it Here First


Mcshow is always on the competitive truth when the tennis counts.

Shanghai final: Yibing Wu bagels Djokovic.

A star is born.

At least this is what the Mcshow anti-hacking unit uncovered phishing for Shanghai Masters plot vulnerabilities.

Carry-on, suckers.

33 thoughts on “2018 Shanghai Champion — You Heard it Here First

  1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Hahaha, good one 🙂 Finally you found some conspiracy too 🙂
    You know, who stands behind this plot, but want us to guess.
    Well; I will try. This is of course Fed cartel.
    Fed did some great hula-hoop and embracing the lion, playing footbag and has now full calendar. He withdraws before first match. Why should he show the world, how old he is and how little interest for tennis he has? Must only tale care , no enemy wins slams or masters. First enemy is not present but the second … so they need someone to beat him in the finals (what realists – they assume, Novak reaches the final). But why Yibing Wu? This would make the plot transparent. Why not me? Old star is born 🙂


    1. No conspiracy. Just terrible tennis.

      I need to see how Thiem looks on the faster HC. He might represent the top-half.

      Wouldn’t shock any of us if Fed gets to the final. JMD will probably be tired, or too tall.

      I will unleash a legitimate critique of this God forsaken sport soon. For the time being, however, let’s just fuck with the fangirls and fanboys.

      You don’t strike me as a fanboy; I’m probably sympathetic towards you because I like Thiem. But I could argue you’re a fan, rather, of beautiful tennis, class, etc.

      But the party is over. I have only to write my manifesto and burn this site to the ground.


  2. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Thiem made some message in NYC and it was even heard among Fedfans. Now Fedfans preview Fed’s SF opponent like Delpo/Thiem. This is new. And I think, they would prefer Delpo. But of course they all are f**king fanboys and fangirls (mostly between 60 and 80 years old 😉
    Don’t you want to wait for Thiem’s first 10 majors before you burn this site?
    Nice to hear, you don’t see me as a fanboy. I want to see him winning majors but only if he plays like a hell. And he can. He must only learn, class and respect does not exclude winning 🙂 BTW – I see guys with class but no skills&tennis beauty or with skills but no class.&beauty Thiem seems to me to be the only one having both. And I can hardly imagine him wearing gold or stopping to tell “thank you” to ballkids each time they bring him the towel after winning some majors and getting no.1. I also don’t see him leaving Austria for taxes and having residence in Monte Carlo or Dubai. I know, he first pays back the family and Bresnik, who financed years of developing his career. I know, Thiem’s mother has a nice and close relation to uncle Toni. I know, Thiem “invests” in a career of his little brother. I know, he takes life and love serious enough to stay with Kiki for life. I know, he is just going vegetarian, loving and supporting animals and nature. His fitness does not come from the gym but from the forest. Is this not a class?
    The party is nit over, Matt, we still have Thiem. And we can hope, some younger will go this way.
    Ah, sorry Matt, this must sound like agitation. I know, you are joking about your manifesto. Take you time. To write manifesto and die is never too late 😉


    1. I beliem in Thiem.

      You have made the writing more interesting, added depth, the first-hand European perspective, the Thiem insider, etc..

      Thanks for bringing some light to the darkness.

      My funk will start to spread more potently when actually Novak bagels Yibing Wu. . .


  3. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Let’s hope, YBW in the final will be DT and Novak wins, but DT is not bagelled. Somehow Thiem can accept such things with class too. He was bagelled by Djoker twice but bagelled Djoker once too. So they are familiar with bagelling each other. Novak is very nice when bagelling someone 😉 Thiem too 😉
    After bagelling Nadal in NYC Thiem was so even so nice to lose the match 😉 Apparently against the will of Nadal, who maybe knew, he will not have steam to continue the run.


  4. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    YBW meant it serious with your concept, Matt and advanced to round 2., where he need to bagel first Nishikori (not a big deal (only 178 cm). Then F+F (Fritz and Federer, in this sequence), assuming Fed overcomes Medvedev, which is a bigger deal (198 cm). After that only Thiem in SF and here we go, Dear Djoker 🙂


    1. Raonic, Kyrgios and Wawrinka . . . hahahaahh.

      A new era is beginning. You Be Wlady.

      Fed and Djoker better enjoy while they can.
      The rise of the Chinese tennis empire.
      You heard it here first.


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        Respect, Matt. Or rather disrespect, you are a witcher. Yeah – I heard it here first. I”m going to arrange a corner in my blog called YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST and the title will be linked to your blog! You must change your real name to CheckMATT. You Be Mate. Everyone a small brother of Mao Zedong. Well, You Be Fed will enjoy a loss to You Be Dan this Wednesday. You Be D(joke) survives to the final to lose to You Be Thie(nan)m(en).
        Stan, well, Stan is dead. We need to look for another Man. Dom The Man???
        On the side note: I remember some years ago, when I saw Milos’ sad eyes and his posture of an overgrown schoolboy, I thought. I understand your sadness. It was so quite and lazy and beautiful in the counter of your father’s gas station in beautiful Canada, where five 50 years old Ford Mustangs per day come to tank. Milos, go back there. Not everyone must be part of the Chines Imperium of Tennis. Hahaha …


  5. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Next victims: Thiem, Cilic. Candidates for tomorrow: Zverev, Delpo, Nishikori, Federer, Anderson. Then you can play Nero and ignite the Great Fire of Mcshow. You heard it first here. Ha!


    1. Wait until you see my next post. And the tennis daily is playing right into my argument. HA HA.

      I did not see the Thiem match, but heard he played well — Ebden just played better.


  6. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    You can read my analyze of the match if you like http://prf-mypassions-tennisandmore.com/thiem-vs-ebden/. To be short – Thiem was excellent in rallies, no problems with fast surface. But he failed on serve. Which is IMO dues to the doubles warm-up and missing ability to switch to singles serving in the first match after doubles.
    But yes, Ebden played his best game. Serve&volley. Winning lots of points on Thiem’s second serve. Not the end of the world and Ebden is quite good on fast surfaces.


  7. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    On the side note – my another conspiracy theories. ATP tries to push Fed to the final. Maybe Ebden’s role (including “accepted” doping) was just like Sandgren’s in AO. Another one – the end of the season is the last time to earn money to survive on tour just for those from second/third row and maybe they take a risk of taking heavy doping at this time. Not very logic so many mean guys rising just at this time of the year and winning titles.


    1. This parity is part of the tour, I’m afraid. I’m not going to go conspiracy here. The competition on tour is just crap — if there is a rigged inequality, it’s more institutional with the way money is distributed in tournaments, etc. I don’t think guys are tanking etc to get Federer to a final. That’s crazy.

      Thiem lost to a guy playing well. . .playing well within the BL. The pace (and his opponent) did hurt Thiem. If you watch even a part of the match, you can see how offensive Ebden is playing. He can take the ball early, good volley, just a tough opponent on this surface.

      Below the big 3 anyone can lose. Now it’s probably the big 1. But this inequality is brutal. Outside the Big 3, guys can lose to challengers, pretty much.


  8. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    I’m always telling, it’s not about fast or slow courts, but fast or slow players. Ebden was very fast yesterday, so the court was on his side. Thiem had an off-day and was too slow (while he is normally very fast).
    But first of all Thiem has lost the serve just for this match. For the serve it does not matter, how good the opponent is or it’s defense master like Rafa or Djoker. It’s a rule for Thiem. Every time he starts with doubles, he cannot switch fast enough to singles serve (the same was in Rome, where Thiem started with doubles together with Johnson – both lost their first round in singles).
    But now Thiem is playing very well in doubles, paired with an oldie Robert Lindstedt. And Thiem had cold, since some days before going to Shanghai). Well, many have this season of the year, but he is maybe more vulnerable.
    I think, Dominic would have skipped Shanghai if it was not mandatory and be rested and prepared for Vienna and Paris, without jetlags, Asiatic viruses a.s.o.
    BTW – for a while YBW was a hero, winning first set against Nishikori but then bagelled – somehow your bagel prediction came true, hahaha 🙂


  9. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Maybe you don’t know, but Dominic has another important “competition”. He has since 2 years “relation” (ah, this new-speech) with Kristina Mladenovic. They are now competing in learning the mother-tongue of each other. French and German.. Kiki says, Dominic is a big worker and competitor here, just like in tennis 😉
    Not qualifying to London could be a gift in terms of normal life. Maybe that’s the reason of his early loss in Shanghai? You Be Kiki?
    I hope for him for a Vienna title, theoretically his home tournament but without much success so far.Well, with this, he probably automatically qualifies for London.


  10. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Did you ever have a girlfriend, Matt? Come on, Matt. Hahaha … Yes – win or go home to spend time with your girlfriend. Of course first try to win, because it’s your job and passion. But don’t wait with love, sex and all those things until your are retired (= physically worn out, a kind of ruin). Imagine, you are a girl, 20-25 years old. Would you take Federer as your boyfriend (or only for his bank account)? OK, I’m talking crazy. It’s crazy to think, there is life before, after and during tennis. You and me, we probably both have some job, where we are working our ass daily. But after the working day is over, don’t we need some life for the rest of the day?
    Look Fognini. He started to play seriously after he was married and his baby was under way. And still going ahead and finally making use of his great talent.
    Of course I’m provoking you a bit. I hope, Dominic can visit London´in November, playing like a hell on O2 arena, having his GF cheering for him in his player’s box 🙂 Too serious, right?


  11. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    This reminds me my university time. I’m Ph.D. in economics (whatever this means, not much right know). Among others I was reading books from certain John Maynard Keynes, one of GOAT’s of microeconomics (short-time analysis). Asked by fellow GOATS. why he does not respect macroeconomics (which is seen as having more dignity, wider perspective a.s.o.). His answer (not searched via Google): “Long-term analysis is great, but in long term we are all dead.” You Be JMK, hahaha …


  12. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Again – you may not be aware of who is Kiki. She is a pro tennis player too. Everyone has his/her career, which is the most important thing for both. During slams they spend some time together, also training together (no, no, not what you just think about – well, maybe too but AFTER training on court). They understand and support each other. Dominic won Petersburg, while she was in Beijing. Now Dominic lost in Shanghai, while she is playing WTA in Linz (his mother cheering for her). They don’t make each other the tennis career difficult.
    They are in love but not CRAZY like me, hahaha …


  13. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Can you ask the moderator, Matt, to reject my last 3 posts under the pretext of they to be off the topic 😉


    1. Too bad.

      Of course we all know who Kiki is. If you watch a Thiem match (over the past couple of years), she’s shoved up our nose.

      He has a girl friend: yay.


  14. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    I need a private English lesson, Matt – what is the meaning of “she’s shoved up our nose”? Could not find via Google 😦


    1. She’s “jammed down our throat”?

      At least on the tennis coverage I’ve seen over the last couple of years, the cameras and commentary are constantly cutting to his professional tennis playing girlfriend. We know too much about her, imho.

      Show us the OHBH!


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        Well, they also show constantly celebrities, bongo cameras and most idiotic behaving fans. Must we care about that? Same thing – I cannot watch Federer’s matches because they don’t offer disabling visually and acoustically crowds but showing only the court and letting hear ball bouncing and maybe players swearing. OK, let’s go back to tennis. The thing London vs. Kiki Days was of course a a small provocation 🙂


      2. “Well, they also show constantly celebrities, bongo cameras and most idiotic behaving fans. Must we care about that?”

        No. That’s the point.


    2. Of course, I’m joking a bit. But the girl friend commentary is the least of our concerns . . . unless she undermines his game. Then we have a problem.


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        So far I know, they both support each other. Not that I believe, Kiki to be more important for Dominic’s game than getting rid of slow starts and problems with closing sets.


  15. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Of course, Matt. I know (or I believe to know) lots of nice things about Thiem as a person. Kiki relation belongs just there. But it’s only to understand, why he does not deliver, what he principally is able to. I like his tennis and I try to understand, what are his deficits and I like to see him still work on improving. I cannot have influence on the process. I can try to understand his tennis, just like I try to understand Federer’s, Nadal’s, Djokovic’s and not many more, which I like to watch. And here’s the forgotten ha ha ha 😉
    But seriously – I think, he has still not found his way and he still does not believe in himself enough. And he’s still the victim of such self-underrating. He needs to spend 1 year practicing with Rafa, playing lots of competitive practice matches. Like a monk. No Kiki. No Playstation. No friends. Only him and Rafa.
    His skills are good enough. He needs to learn, how to win. How to bagel. How to double-bagel. How to rule on court, whoever the opponent. The same against Seppi and Djokovic.
    Ebden was good in Shanghai. But taking only skills, he was 20% of Thiem. Thiem is still too humble in his game. No killer instinct. Nobody wins so much as Big3 without this.
    But I have still a sentence from Bresnik’s book. Thiem has no aggression in his spirit. His aggression is playing out his skills. This means – he must have 2x or 5x the skills of the opponent. Is this possible?


  16. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Galo Blanco may be a nice and professional coach. But Big Mac would fit better. Or someone like him. When Thiem was preparing for USO in BigMac’s Academy and Mac did play him an hour, he told him something like this. I like you and your tennis. But I didn’t like the way you challenged Rafa in Paris. You should have challenged him a lot more, because you can. Maybe with these words in mind Thiem delivered the big show at USO.


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