Federer v Kyrgios 3R USO


Match begins in about 30 min, unless the women’s match currently in Arthur Ashe goes on and on.

There’s been some ambivalence regarding Federer’s form for sure.  This, along with that age, forces everyone to entertain a Federer loss, especially given the nature of sport (anything can happen on any day — that’s why they play the game/match), and the very real danger of his opponent today.

But if we’re ambivalent about Federer’s form, we are downright skeptical about the reigning king of millennial rubbish. If I’m Ivan the Terrible today (last night, etc.), I insist that Federer just stay with this nut-case, wait it out.  Sure, a routine win vs the clown would be a wonderful development for the Swiss five-time champ, but this probably gets very ugly out there for Roger. He will need to stay with this kook since the longer the match goes, the closer that wick gets to bringing the ignition to the TNT that is Kyrgios’ emotional swamp.

But Federer may not have a choice in the matter.  If Nick has an ounce of pride, he comes out and plays with a genuine competitive spirit, humble in his quest to beat Federer.  If that’s the case, his serve is ferocious, his emotions lift him to new heights, etc., he may hit the #2 right off the court. Does he have any pride?

Given Lahyani-gate, and Nick’s world-beater form when he plays a Big 3, one has to think Kyrgios comes-out to kill and impress us with his tennis genius.

We’ll see what the gods have in store. If Federer has some of that genius still in his bag, this would be a fine time to dig it out and show this fool some free tennis instruction.

My bet is on Federer needing to carefully negotiate a longer affair today, needing all the guile and class he can muster to outsmart and out duel this guy ala 2017 Miami (ATP match of the year, FYI).

Yes, we have thoughts on yesterday.

Enjoy the tennis.

13 thoughts on “Federer v Kyrgios 3R USO

  1. Clint Grike

    Roger took care of business but the 37 year old is bound to lose to the rejuvenated djokovic. The big shock – though maybe it’s not so much of a shock – is Zverev’s limp exit. I was hoping Lendl would make a difference. And the draw was kind. Kohlschreiber is the kind of guy that shouldn’t trouble an elite talent. Disappointing.


    1. Tough to disagree with that first point, Clint.

      It’s all about that QF match. Nadal should be tested some in his QF
      and hopefully he has Del Potro in the SF.

      My dark horse (not sure I will be able to blog tonight — we’re having company for crying out loud!) Stan was partly my dark horse because in form he can beat really anyone. I’m not sure about any other player outside the top 2 or 3 (top 2 meaning Djoker and Rafa). Stan was playing big tennis, the ground strokes heavy as sin, but blew that SP in the TB.

      And Milos, by the way, has been playing well. See Cincy.

      Thanks for the comment, Clint. Let’s hope for some genius tennis down the stretch here.


      1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

        My hopes are different. Because I think, the 190cm+ tennis is another game and I see too much of this sort of players (towers from whatever they come), so I hope, Coric wins the second quarter. I have only slight hopes to see Thiem in SF, but if he beats Anderson today he can also beat Rafa (slow USO courts should be still quicker than clay of Madrid). One of two young losing then (or in some impossible case wiining) in the final to/over Djoker would be OK.
        About your primary dark horse – Stan can hit big at any time you wake him up, but he will be for a longer while not able to move well, especially on longer distances. To be THE MAN or bot does not help much


      2. Stan had Milos on the ropes in the first set TB. I was dictating the rally, untouchable on his serve, too (like Milos). But if he converts that SP in the TB, we probably have a rampant Stan. Bottomline: he can beat Nadal. I don’t think the others in that half can. Stan would have been the only real threat.

        Maybe I’m wrong and Del Potro or Anderson can. I don’t think so. Even if Thiem gets there, not enough to beat the big match monster. You have to have Bo5 big balls to beat a big 3. Stan was the only one in that half who could do it.

        Hope I’m wrong.


    2. PRF - Władysław Janowski

      Zverev is too greedy. He should have sacrificed more of his gold and pay Lendl what he deserves. The gold hangs still on Sasha and even Lendl cannot help. Zverev will never win a slam, having so much gold on and in his mind. Still some progress – Last year Sasha lost second round to Coric. After Sasha defeated in first round the Lucky Loser Of All Times, the news of the day was “First match won UNDER LENDL”. If Sasha needs supercoaches, he should hire them some months before net slam, not a week. I don’t blame Lendl. Lendl was at work, even visiting Thiem’s camp to look for hints from Bresnik. I don’t believe in all those supercoach stories. The most top guys rely on one mastercoach, eventually looking for a younger if the first is getting too old or kind of retires (like uncle Toni). Most top guys don’t really need big names in their player’s box to win slams. If they do, this has different reason. Federer could take any coach, including Mirka and this would change nothing.
      OK, maybe Lendl must first destroy Sasha’s poor Bo5 game so he can built it up from scratch. Not a good news for Sasha. Lendl is not cheap for sure and will not stick long with the loser until he reaches QF in 5 years.
      I agree – Kohlschreiber shouldn’t trouble an ELITE TALENT – is Sasha really an elite talent? IMO he is not. He thinks, he can follow Federer, while he should rather think on following Delpo or Cilic.


  2. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Poor Nick cannot play well without Lahyani. The Federer-Kyrgios match was much expected by the ATP circus, of course not for Federer to lose. Federer is assumed to play Djoker before he losses. Well arranged. Fed could have lost to Herbert and this would be just like Zverev losing to Kohlschreiber (I like Kohlschreiber, still a nice one-hander and I’m happy about the outcome). And losing to a serious guy with one of ugliest serve preparation on tour would not be a classic, ATP-business needs. So Nick was dragged by force to fall to Federer, still playing a garbage. Now the news is “Fantastic Federer Dismisses Kyrgios” – this is the title they need, no matter what a crap Fed delivers. Millman is a third-class grinder, but can hold ball in rallies quite long. The key to defeat Fed now is to let him run a lot and make rallies long. Not the job for Nick, who has no more than 1 hour for a match.


  3. Poor Nick? Whether you’re being playful, sarcastic or whatever, you have already gone to bat for that guy — one who defends Kyrgios at this point is an Aussie or someone who just wants to be different, has some kind of special sympathy for the troubled, or is being disingenuous, pretending to give a shit about a guy that renders a tennis match almost meaningless.

    As for your tennis circus theory: tell us what the ATP agenda has for today. What’s the fix today, WJ? Tell us the arrangement before it happens.

    Sure draws are weak and garbage, but your everything is fixed destroys your point-of-view.

    Or tell us the arrangement before since you seem to know the outcomes.


    1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

      If Sousa beats Djoker, it’s arrangement to keep Fed from Djoker 😉 for the Rafa final. My crystal ball does not tell more 😉


  4. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Poor Nick – well, he was not willing to take part of the Federer arrangement, but he was kind of pushed into it by Lahyani (Lahyani’s behavior was accepted by USTA, so I guess also by ATP). Then he didn’t have another option as to play so he does not win but cannot repeat lazy behavior against Federer. Is this not simple?
    Of course I don’t know the outcome before.
    I think, no fixes or arrangements are needed today and tomorrow and maybe until the end of USO for ATP circus management to be happy. All arrangements aim on holding Federer alive so long it goes. Federer can beat Millman playing double-handed backhand and Djoker can do the same with Federer.
    So that’s was with arrangements this USO edition. Next come eventually in Shanghai or Bercy.
    Maybe I have special sympathy for the troubled, maybe because I’m troubled myself. No, I’m not aware of wanting to be different. That’s what I honestly think. If it sounds like in your diagnose, well, it’s your opinion and it’s OK with me 🙂
    I’m not telling, everything is fixed. Sousa vs. Pouille or Millman vs. Kukushkin are completely indifferent from point of view of ATP business interest, so why to arrange such matches? Most of matches does not neet to be arranged. Federer is now a very special case.
    And I’m not defending Nick, he does not need it or has asked me to do. I’m only trying to understand him and this is the other side of red carpet things. Kyrgios behavior seems genuine for me – but ATP business still needs him, so it will not ban him even if he breaks all rules. That’s what I mean, calling ATP a circus.


  5. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Stan could beat Nadal, if he could move well. He cannot. Don’t expect him to be able to run for long distance right now (maybe never more).
    Now Thiem is there and has the HC game better than Nadal. Nadal can defend almost everything in Paris or Monte Carlo. He can be too slow to defend Thiems shots, if he plays with courage. Not the same task as in Paris. Of course – big match monster. That’s the problem. But this can end just like with your claim of Thiem playing too predictable. If he plays with this speed and power, predictability is no more that important (I may have written this here in another thread, sorry). Thiem is mentally strong enough to defeat Rafa. My guess for 2019 -Thiem adapts his current HC game to clay and then he can win the Paris crown. I have not seen Coric here, but I hope, he can beat Delpo and then probably Isner to meet Thiem in semis. The other semi must be Djoker against anyone. Then at least one Non-Big3 in the final. In any case Thiem vs. Nadal not on clay will be interesting.


  6. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    I wrote “If” – I don’t expect this to happen 😉 But you asked me to tell about arrangements before they happen. That’s my only candidate for today, ha, ha, ha(llucinating) …


    1. Some might take your jokes seriously, or your serious thoughts for jokes. Careful, my friend.

      I’m writing a post now, trying to get caught up.

      Thiem is such a delight and Zverev is too, ha ha. Excited for QF tennis!


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