Moreover re: Best-of-Five


Here is a discussion of the Bo5 between Annacone, Davenport and Weissman (of TC). Consider Annacone as another traitor or diseased mind. I don’t get this bizarre mutiny.

Click the twitter link to listen to the short discussion.

So, to keep tabs on this roughly:

Novak and Andy are for Bo3.
Roger and Rafa are for Bo5.

Even Davenport gets it. Ha ha. Come on, fellas.

Very interesting.

You see the separation again between Fedal and the rest of the top of the sport, at least of these current players. I suspect Pete, Andre, Connors, Borg, et al., would agree that Bo5 is crucial for those bigger championships. This tennis apostasy (from the likes of Novak, Andy and Paul Annacone) is like some kind of Russian bot infiltration on a culture’s sanity.

Shut it down.

Keep in mind, the flaw in all of these Bo3 arguments is the premise that we are interested in growing the sport, reaching a bigger audience. The growth economy paradigm is responsible for too much waste and unneeded wealth (and unnecessary technology and injury): that paradigm is dead. This understanding is critical to the preservation of our planet, human and animal-kind.

The protection of athletes is not really addressed with an abandonment of Bo5. Nice try. For that unpopular trend, turn to technology of rackets and strings and the overall schedule, or rules regarding the schedule. Getting rid of Bo5 does not address the spike in injury. Injury involves other factors. Half the field is in its 30s, dumbo.

Weak arguments.

Fans of tennis need to learn the sport. Changing the sport to reach a bunch of knuckleheads with a culturally imposed ADHD is a failing concept and will lead to a degradation of the sport. STFUP about millennials and their imagined struggles with attention spans and interests.

Preserve the the narrative of this great sport, the professionalism, and the history.

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