Cincinnati Day 2 and 3

More quality matches on the schedule today in Cincinnati. Copil and Cilic are off and running, Copil taking the first set in a TB (the one-hander tribe grows in strength). Haase and Zverev are at it, Zverev taking the first set 7-5, but the Dutchman up a break in the second.

Still to come:

Djokovic v Mannarino

Chung v Del Potro

Wawrinka v Nishikori (all eye on Stanimal watch)

Coric v Kyrgios (this is must watch)

Dimitrov, Khachanov and Goffin are among other players in action today.  A lot of tennis.

Dominic Thiem has pulled-out of the tournament. This is certainly not a good sign for him, his fans nor the draw this week and in New York City.

Good to see Goffin take care of Tsitsipas yesterday, since that’s what probably should happen. David is too good of a player not to send the kid packing after he’s played so much taxing tennis over the last couple of weeks (SF in D.C., F in Toronto). For him to beat Goffin would have said a lot about both players, too much about Goffin. This result makes sense for both players.

Federer looked okay in his opener. Gojowczyk hits the ball hard and flat, so if he’s on at all, he’ll be a tough opponent especially on this quick surface. Federer had to save some BPs to get through that first set unscathed and got the early break in the second to serve it out. The courts are quick, so some attacking tennis should be in store for those who can produce this sophistication.

As I find myself repeating this, Federer (like most players) needs his serve to be on point; I’m afraid this is paramount for him to have any real shot at a deep run in NYC or even at a Masters. His ground strokes will most likely support his cause, provide ample offense and defense, but that serve, especially at 37, will be key. He’s not hitting the ball as sharply as he did in early 2017. He may find that form, but so many forces are working against him at this point. We should get a chance to see him find some rhythm on these hard courts. A monster S&V game from him might not be a bad idea.

Some of the TC talking-heads were discussing the most accurate serve of all-time. The veteran of the call, Mary Carillo landed on Pete Sampras (the discussion was between Roger and Pete). Mary, to quickly illustrate her point, pointed-out how Pete’s S&V on second serves speaks to that dominance of serve. Pete did that a lot. 2nd serve S&V to go along with this timely 2nd serve ace, which came-up big in some big spots (majors).

In other discussions, everyone’s favorite tennis feminist Ben Rothenberg has been tweeting and crying about getting rid of Bo5 matches since he realized this would help him create some kind of political agenda, I guess (he’s been mouthing-off despite massive opposition for a long time now — years). Yeah, he and others (like Pam Shriver) think the Bo5 is too long (or highlights too much the differences between men’s and women’s tennis?).  Either way, this is some dumb ass tennis logic, perspective, values, you name it. No need for me to defend Bo5.

Here’s Federer yesterday talking about Bo5 in an unrelated discussion (and this nicely juxtaposes a big tweet from Rothenburger this morning pointing-out an article that mentions Andy Murray’s change-of-heart about Bo5. I guess he did some commentary at WB this year since he wasn’t playing. He did the Del Potro v Nadal match. The match was about five hours long. Murray conceded that watching a match that long is awkward, may be unfeasible as it takes-up too much of one’s day. What about meals with loved ones, meetings, etc.?  Ha ha ha. Murray sounds as weak as Rothenberg and the rest of that merry band of morons.

Nice to hear Federer endorse MORE Bo5. He accurately points-out how the ATP has ZERO Bo5. There should be Bo5 in Masters finals (at least, like there used to be) and the WTF should be Bo5. Good stuff from Roger.

The ATP is sad.

2 thoughts on “Cincinnati Day 2 and 3

  1. Agree on all points. Pete obviously has the most accurate serve of all time. Coric/Kyrgios will be a great match to watch…I have to work late today, but I have it set to record, so it’ll be a late night for me! And what is this nonsense of doing away with Bo5? Seriously, it’s usually in set 3, 4, and 5 that the real drama happens! I don’t need watered-down tennis.


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