Goffin 1 Tsitsipas 0

I got distracted, tuned-in with Goffin serving 6-5; I missed the Belgian’s break of serve.

The Belgian goes 40-0 pretty quickly — three set points. Then the Greek puts some BHs together and it’s deuce! Ha ha. Here we go.

The Belgian puts a nice FH into the corner and . . . he comes to net! Ad-in and Goffin is able to close-out the set on his fourth SP. Tsitsipas is teaching his knucklehead uncles how to finish a point/set/match. If Goffin continues to stay back, he’s going to get out classed. Watch Nadal play, all of you BLiners — he with the nuclear FH.

Gotta go to net.

More t-shirts.

Props to Goffin if he can win this in straights. Or is Stef just warming-up?

Back to the action.

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