Rogers Cup QF

From Fedfan HQ. Ha ha.

No reason to think Anderson won’t take care of Grigor, despite their H2H (6-1, Grigor). I don’t think they’ve played in the past two years, which says so much about these two players. Look what Anderson has done in the past year (two grand slam finals).

With Zverev v Tsitsipas, we’ll just hope for a great match. Zverev beat him in straights in D.C. SF though the second set was pretty competitive and the conditions favored Sascha.

Sascha is rolling, but so is the 19 year-old one-hander. Hope this is epic.

Khachanov has to beat Haase. The big Russian seems to have found some polish on that power tennis he can play. Beating Big John in two TB speaks to some decent composure. We’ll stick with the youth movement here.

Nadal v Cilic goes like this. If Cilic can get his shit together, his first strike tennis can beat the Spaniard. Even Marin’s ROS has become a bit of a weapon. But if he let’s Nadal pull the old banana in the tail pipe, you get the picture.

Nadal is favored for sure, but Marin could have one of those HC matches he has on his racket that he can tell his grand kids about.

Toronto SF

Cilic v Khachanov
Anderson v Tsitsipas

Let’s go!

3 thoughts on “Rogers Cup QF

  1. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Thiem 185 cm beaten by Tsitsipas 193 cm >
    Tsitsipas 193 cm beaten by Zverev 198 cm >

    Sock 191 cm beaten by Medvedev 198 cm >
    Pouille 185 cm beaten by Aliassime 191 cm >
    Aliassime 191 cm beaten by Medvedev 198 cm >
    Medvedev 198 cm beaten by Zverev 198 cm

    SF Zverev 198 cm beaten by Anderson (203 cm) ???

    Now Tsitsipas has the same problem, Thiem had with him. Balls come now from bigger height. Maybe Zverev will have the same with Anderson.

    Is this (at least on HC) only battle of centimeters???


  2. PRF - Władysław Janowski

    Yeah, I can’t help, I cannot watch “tennis” played under conditions, where the net is completely superfluous (sometimes for one player, still more often for both). I cannot watch two-handers too. Well maybe Rafa and Djoker. Could you watch Zverev-Anderson or Isner-Anderson?
    I plan to stay with 190-. After 185 cm classics is gone (we have still Thiem :), no matter on which stage he plays). And we have still Federer and Rafa and Djoker. Maybe Shapo in some years. Tsitsi is nice, but does not fit into 190-.
    These days, when rackets are no more hardware, they have built-in digital solutions, with Eye Hawk, Live Eye-Hawk, Shot Clocks a.s.o. why don’t we use VirtualNet or something like this to avoid ThysonDeLaHoya boxing on the same ring? Why the hell limited challenges for players, when the umpire can see on his tablet the (digital) reality of OUT or IN? And then we see on telebim or home in TV, that ball was IN, but umpires decided it to be OUT and the player has no more challenges, so maybe for this idiotic reason someone wins a slam instead of losing it? Football, looking more conservative than anything, uses modern technology more and better. No more “goddish hands” of certain Diego 😉


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