Grigor Gets Double Deuced

I am a big critic of the Bulgarian though I did like what I saw late 2016 – early 2017 (note I am not talking about mid to late 2017 which included his first Masters and his WTF crown). His play in late ’16 and early ’17 was a steady sign that he could still do great things after all of that promise in 2013-14). The 2017 AO SF loss to Nadal was tough; a win there would have been huge.

He crumbled after Melbourne 2017 though the Cincy win and the London win in November are hard to ignore.

33528280_225406371571932_7120892787054084096_nBut Anderson just embarrassed him today. As I said in my quick preview, think of how these players’ careers have arched. Granted, Dimitrov won Cincy last year, but that draw was depleted. A Masters is a Masters, but the tour was pretty beat-up by that point.

And the WTF crown, again, impressive, but the field went belly-up. Nadal recused himself and Federer fell asleep.

But today was brutal. Did he pay Anderson for the lesson, or did Vallverdu compensate for the child care? 2 and 2? It wasn’t even that close. What a waste of talent.

You should note how this bothers me. You know my recent narrative on Grigor: Captain of the Lost Boy Titanic. But I want him play some meaningful tennis. I am not trying to punk him; I’m speaking for all tennis fans, shadowing our grave disappointment.


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