2018 Wimbledon Spells Doom


Am I officially jumping on the Djokovic bandwagon here with this title, guilty of over-valuing his win at Wimbledon?

This could be a follow-up to my glowing review of the 2018 tournament that returned Djokovic to the soap opera that is the golden era of the ATP tour. The Serb’s run at the July fortnight brought a much needed change of content on tour: didn’t you almost feel like Federer and Nadal, dominating for the past two years, utterly untouchable, were playing but at the same time looking around and wondering if there was anyone else to help carry the program? Remember the double-edged sword? Fedal, like most, enjoy domination, no doubt, but like most of us have to wonder. Where’s the competition? Fortunately, Novak stepped-up.

What I just described should sound troubling. Unless you’re a pure-blood fanboy or girl and live make your little GOAT arguments on Twitter or the like about your player’s W-L/H2H full of defense mechanisms and snaps of his snazzy outfits, you might acknowledge that the generational failure of someone not named Federer, Nadal or Djokovic (or even Wawrinka or Murray) to step forward and win a meaningful tournament, a major, is a full blown crisis.

It’s pathetic, really.

We’re tennis fans so most 250/500 tournaments and all Masters and Majors deserve our attention and appreciation. But if no one other than a Nadal, Federer or Djokovic is going to win a major, the rest of these tournaments are a series of consolation prizes? We don’t have to over-think this, just enjoy the tennis, but this does continue to blow the mind.

Again, Djokollapse gave way to 2017-18 Fedal like some kind of traveling circus; these 30 somethings have maintained “order” long enough (6 straight majors!) for the Serb great to return.

Nadal summarized the simple question here, hinting at the absurdity in typical no B.S. Nadal fashion:

“Either we have been special, or the emerging players have not been special enough.

“I cannot say which is correct.

“A generation with special players [is coming], either because they will be better than us in a short time, or because of our age.”

Really, it’s pathetic.

3 thoughts on “2018 Wimbledon Spells Doom

  1. You nailed it! And it’s sad to me to watch the German Open, for instance, and see only a few people in the crowd. There’s a ton of great players out there besides Fedal. However, to your point…when are they going to step up and when a major? When Fedal/Djoker are hobbling around with walkers?


    1. I guess I was almost saying, should we even watch (apparently the local crowd is wondering this too). Oh Chung looks good, or Thiem looks rampant . . . HOWEVER. . .

      Thanks, FR. Love the comments.

      Liked by 1 person

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