Donating to Mcshow Blog


Being the quasi-technophobe that I am (seems more and more difficult to take this position — or more important!), note that I was able (on my own as I continue to limit costs when I can) to implement a “Donate” feature in my sidebar on the right.

Any donation is very much appreciated as I continue to try to make this blog a significant part of my (and your?) life, trying to expand my coverage, features, even products for my growing readership/following. You know I am pretty subdued on the social media front but for the often prolific writing that I become, as the ATP competition warrants. I guess I’m trying to do the most with the least. 🙂

I have wanted to provide this feature for awhile and even begin selling (very very affordably = cheaply) more polished textual derivations of my tennis imagination and discourse. Yes, the HRFRT, Nadalism and The Dark Knight are all part of this plan, separate ebooks to be published and offered to my audience and beyond.

Of course, the solid, regularly scheduled programming for over three years of tennis coverage means that this is a pretty steady and reliable source of tennis insight.

Wanting to watch the Rublev v Auger-Aliassime match today in Umag, I ventured to my telly and lo and behold the esteemed Tennis Channel was only offering coverage of Newport. The shame!

Ah, but Tennis Channel Plus would enable me to gain access to this match-up of future ATP demons (and so much more tennis coverage throughout the year). Of course, TCP is an additional cost. You see where this is going.

Bottomline: If I can generate a few dollars to support my tennis addiction, I honestly think you, the readers, will benefit, as I believe you have thus far. Hence this announcement of the aforementioned “Donate” feature in my sidebar on the right.

Again, thanks for reading and thanks for any (even small) donation to Mcshow Blog that you can generously provide.


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