“This is Major Tom to Ground Control”

I’m not lost in space, nor am I somehow without much to say about Novak’s 4th WB title.

You should know I have a lot to say. . .

Many of you were reading my “Naked Pictures of Nadal” post throughout the fortnight (actually that’s one people regularly seem drawn to for whatever reasons 😉

The title is misleading; there is very related commentary about the importance of Novak’s return (this was written late summer 2017). Seems apropos for what happened last week.

Stay-tuned. I’m coming around: “I’m stepping through the door/And I’m floating in a most peculiar way/And the stars look very different today . . .”

Wow. That’s quite fitting, as well? Great song and great time to be a tennis fan — though the double-edged sword returns, which I’ll wield with great skill; be assured.

And thanks for reading.

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