The Mainstream Press Stinks


“Double blow for Roger Federer as Wimbledon dream ends”

Note how this article is actually sourced from a Fox Sports website, so this crap is all over the place (an Australian source and a more international source — probably being read globally — the horror!). Look at the images in the article, the dour pissed-in-your-pants vibe used for clicks and readers and all that other dramatic shit (that image above is from that piece of finely rendered journalism. 😀

Oh they have more advertising and make more money than a site like mine?

Oh yes they do.

And I don’t want any part of that bullshit. I want eyes and clicks because the content rips.

And if you allude to my “Naked Pictures of Nadal” post/title, you got me, but I have an ulterior motive on that and it’s pretty exceptional (rare). So it doesn’t work, plus I brought it up. Again, money unfortunately makes the world go brown (more T-shirts, they’re on their way — and if you rip-off that incredible phraseology, at least follow the blog, ya wanker). Don’t ever forget that — the money metaphor.

In the end, they’re killing Roger for a few more bucks.

The article takes aim at the numbers — did you catch any of my discussion of the Press’ ejaculatory verbiage surrounding Nadal’s clay streaks (he had a general one has an RG one — ha aha).

In the article I reference here, the link at the top, they’re saying Roger’s inability to win Halle #10, which would’ve been #99 total career titles, prevents him from making a 2018 Wimbledon win #100!

Oh shit, it’s a non-issue!

Don’t be a victim, folks. Read Mcshow Blog and get the real story, the real meaning of all of these on-court (and a few off) meanderings of the tennis gents. 😀

Indeed, the posts are falling from my finger-tips today, actually while I’m grading summer school exams (I have to take breaks often for mental health). All I need is a little staff to keep this kind of productivity on point!

Again, the main-stream press stinks. Read Mcshow Blog.


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