Fed v Kyrgios SF: Must Watch!

Fed looks a little too loose and without a Stuttgart (grass) title in his pantheon (of sorts), Nick certainly represents even a bigger threat. Minimal margins and Federer seemingly working-out his grass kinks (wide range of offensive tennis); this could be interesting.

Plus, #1 is on the line.

i see trouble for Federer in this one, if Kyrgios is healthy. A loss wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for world #2.

Watch the match and read my analysis. Thanks and cheers!

PS thoughts on Spain v Ronaldo?  Much brilliant international competition on the horizon, friends.

2 thoughts on “Fed v Kyrgios SF: Must Watch!

  1. RJ


    Admittedly, I admire the innate god given artistry of Lionel Messi but respect the industrious and diligent CR7. Obviously Cristiano has immense talent but Messi seems so effortless in his footballing prowess. His scoring abilities (especially moving from a winger to striker-role) has been immense! Furthermore, we know that Messi (mostly recently) and Ronaldo have missed penalties before and I say this not because of Lionel’s missed strike from the spot against Iceland – but maybe I’d rather Ronaldo to take a penalty for my life?….He does possess an arrogance or self-confidence (that indeed elite sportspeople arguably need to make it) coupled with his amazing technical ability to execute.

    “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” (Betrand Russell). Ronaldo would probably shrug the shoulders at that quote, take the penalty, score and save the philosophising for post-retirement. He’s all about the spectacular now.


    1. Success at that international level is key, imho, the way all of the greats represented their countries. Club ball I suppose has become more the stardom trend, but everyone from Pele, Beckenbauer, Maradona, Ronaldinho/Ronaldo, Zidane . . .they won for their international side.

      The current Ronaldo at least won the Euro and his play recently even for Real Madrid, the Champions League, his dominance is pretty impressive.

      Messi looks disengaged in his Argentina kit.


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