Rafa Wins RG #11


Another easy win for Nadal, acquiring his 17th major.

Imagine if Thiem (really his coaches) had a clue, any semblance of strategy toward point construction, variety, playing percentages? Hitting the ball as hard as you can just won’t cut it in Bo5. Sorry.

Winning a set from Nadal has become truly mental.

The Thiem coaching, Bresnik et al., failed miserably. Dominic empties his tanks, which is all you can ask of a player. This was easy pickings for Nadal. Bresnik has a name and that’s it. He didn’t believe in Dominic. He said so in a recent article. This is not winning tennis.

The aforementioned article published two days ago; here’s a nice little quote:

“Nadal, in Paris, best-of-five, is still half a class above Dominic, half a level too good,” said Bresnik, who has coached Thiem since Thiem was 9.


With that in mind, Bresnik said he did not anticipate a victory for his pupil this year.


Get this into a fourth set, Bresnik. At least. You’re a buffoon.

And lose the hat. Your look is as sloppy as your teaching.

Nadal, on the other hand, and his merciless preparation and coaching: Bravo.

You have a plan. And it works. As tiring as French Open tennis is, as uninspiring as it is, Nadal remains an incredible example of focus, drive, and competitive genius, which is above all: winning at all costs.

As long as the rest (or most) of the ATP continues to have a different agenda, keep collecting, sir. There’s no end in sight, especially with guys like Bresnik maintaining that kind of credibility.

Separated at birth: Bresnik and Dumusois.


Stay tuned for a much longer meditation and analysis of this tournament, etc.

3 thoughts on “Rafa Wins RG #11

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  2. Great observations about the role of Thiem`s coach to his loss .
    If you are able to win against in-form Nadal already several times on clay last 2 seasons (Rome and Madrid) and the laste event being just a month ago one must be able at least to get a 2:0 lead in sets of a 5-setter final at RG. But no Thiem…

    Ok, conditions are slightly different in Madrid but how about in Rome? If he was able to beat him so soundly, coming from behind with ease on multiple occasions with brilliant shots , mental toughness and stamina he must be able to at least do it again for 2 sets in RG!

    Knowing how doping, betting, corruption in sports is out of control in most sports for yeras I also wander whether this was a tank job from Thiem. Standing back miles behind the BS, bashing the same hard FS out, unthinkable unforced errors. His whole game was off for this match.

    I have noticed that Thiem cannot play well for more than 2 matches in a row versus top players. If he meets and beats Jokovic this is like a final before the final and he can loose the next match easily to anyone. Beating superb players like Zverev and Chiccinato seemed to have drained his mental powers although Zverev was not able to finish the match in good shape and the Italian just tanked the last set. For the final Thiem was there physically but not mentally. Looking at Nadal……the organizers are trying hard last 2 years to give him some of the easiest draws in tennis history just help him be a constant contender at the final – so more interest/viewers, more money for tournaments, advertisers, merchandise etc. Nadal basically plays just one quality opponent before a RG final preserving his mental and physical power/abilities. Knowing his history of doping accusations (Spanish athletes in general too and who doesn`t use dope these days at the top of sport?) giving him no competition till semifinal makes the task of the other finalist 2-3 times harder. This time he got lucky as usual having Del Potro injured playing against him. Delpo showed clear signs of injury in 3rd set vs Cilic when he slowed down his movement and if it wasn`t Cilic to choke or miss so many balls Nadal could have had a better prepared opponent at the Semis. Delpo is able to beat Nadal on any surface when at 100%. He even beat Djoko and Nadal both in form at the last Olimpics but he also had to go trough 2 big hitters early on as Isner and Cilic. Who did Nadal play against in those rounds? No one…

    I wander to Thiem (despite having such terrible coach). You beat Nadal several times and last time in Madrid you proved the whole world that you are ready at any department to take him down at RG and at the final you played with your pants down not even winning a single point from the 1st six


    1. stihlsandanski,
      Thanks for the comment. I doubt Thiem tanked, but it was not very inspiring, for sure.
      Not sure how long you’ve been reading this blog, but I have been critical of Nadal’s draws.
      I thought he had a pretty solid draw here though in-form Djokovic would’ve been a nice match to see.


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