Three and Out and Luckal


Thiem ends the Italian Renaissance in straights, as we surmised.

And Nadal serving at 1-1 here in the first, goes 0-40 and watches as his opponent, Juan Martin, loses the advantage and probably strains his groin or lower back.

We go from del Potro getting an early foothold and maybe putting some real pressure on Nadal in this French SF to lining things up for a routine straight-set win for the Spaniard if the Argentine can even last that long.

Status quo, my friends.


Interesting to see how Rafa plays guys who are so deep behind the BL.
Yet all these inferiors can’t apply similar tactics to his majesty Dr. Deep?
If you’re preparing for clay and you fathom some meaningful matches,
work-on your drop-shot, a little wide serve & volley, and maybe toss-in
some under-hand. And don’t let your guard down during a rain delay.

Dear, God . . .

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