Calm Before the Storm


Looks like Nadal/Schwartzman (Philippe-Chatrier) and Cilic/Del Potro (Suzanne-Lenglen) resume around 3:00am my time.

You know how much I like polls to gauge what you all think — ha ha ha.

Should I stay-up and live blog the match, rendered sensationally dialed-in by this delicious American beverage I’ve earned from working three jobs (work, work, blog)?

I already know the results of said poll: loyal readership, silent genius.

It’s alright. We’re big boys and girls around here, can make our own decisions. You know there’s not a huge reliance AT ALL upon social media or polls on this blogged source of insight. We just watch tennis and write (as well as read a little).

Speaking of reliance or dependence, Nadal’s ability to “make it rain” on cue is surreal. Seriously. Have you ever seen such a power to control mother nature? Roland Garros 2012, Rome 2018, Roland Garros 2018 and I’m leaving other examples out in the rain I’m sure. Good for Nadal. Does he beat (I mean demean) Schwartzman without the rain? Probably. But for the love of (even a whimsical rendition of) fairness, let the boys fight it out without your biased tears, mother nature!

Hell, the Argentine could use a break at this point. The media (Tennis Channel and Twitter) have referenced the 11-seed’s 5’7″ frame five million times.

Let the talented clay giant play!

In the end, Diego takes another set from Nadal in this match. That’s all I’ll say. Does Nadal probably win his eleventh French Open title? Yes. Does Schwartzman postpone his death enough to take another set: yes. You figure-out the rest. Enjoy the match.

And who awaits the lucky (and dominant) Spaniard in the SF?

Cilic and Del Potro are 6-6 (5-5).

Let’s not forget, Nadal and Schwartzman are, essentially, 3-6 and 6-3.

We’re all even, ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s take a nap and wake-up at 2:50 to recalibrate this rich volume II of Roland Garros 2018 Quarter-finals Part II.

As I said before: let’s hold hands and will an Argentine into the second SF.
That’s all we ask.


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