The Rise of Tennis Discourse

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This 2017-2018 chapter in the men’s game has been quite annotative on the careers of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic; we’re thus provided with more clarity on their contributions, championship legacies, etc. As I have been suggesting with Nadal’s latest clay campaign, and extending this line of reasoning to the other two players, these recent times have further defined these champions’ athletic careers.

I created HRFRT to advance an obvious set of circumstances that have affected dramatically (aka “ruined”) the sport. 😀

Next, I will begin to organize my discussions of “Nadalism” and the The Djoker/”Djokollapse” as two more areas of study.

Djokovic’s loss today is more of the same, another reminder of what’s happening with him, what has always happened with him. We’ll talk more about the match and his continued collapse later.

“Nadalism” and the Djokocourse will become elevated to that HRFRT level of study.

Join me in welcoming these collections of essays/posts to our dashboard of analysis!

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