Missed Opportunities: More Clay

Rain in Madrid

Boy, you can’t sell short that old clay.  As the rain has begun to fall in Madrid, some names have fallen, interrupting match-ups Mcshow had on the cue like the rain has interrupted today’s play.

The irony of course is that venue’s state-of-the-art court construction complete with retractable roofs.

Chung out to Haase 2 and love. The 31 year-old Dutchman, not really a clay threat, has dismissed demonstratively one of the youngsters starting to twinkle and make interesting these draws. Too bad. Chung has seen a lot of good tennis, even SF last week in Munich, so he may be just a bit spent. See you in Rome.

Then, worse, the Greek goes down to the Federer killer Donskoy in three. He’s definitely been on a run, so, like Chung, not a huge surprise, I guess.

This is the clay, folks.  My great aunt, a steady math teacher with a handful of fitness could take-out a top-tenner on this most treacherous terra firma.

And now it’s even wet. Which is worse.

Foghat is gone, as well, to the Argentinian Mayer.
A. Ramos down a set as the rains set in.
Shapovalov, however, overcame Paire in the third; I guess the Frenchman’s “I am back” autograph on the camera in his post Pouille win festivities comes-up premature.

And lastly, we didn’t say anything about that Djokvoic overhead v Nishikori. That was unbelievable but his overhead has always been an issue. Did you hear the crowd in their collective confusion in response? He was at the net. Kei had conceded. A bit bizarre.

I also doubt I gave the Japanese player much props yesterday. He played pretty well, forcing the Serb to bring some decent tennis to advance past the relatively in-form Nishikori. In deed, the apprentice played well but could not, despite the favorable climate, upset his mentor (mirror image tennis they call it).

Djokovic will have ample opportunity to find some form here. He should have a tough out in every match here on this wet and sexy Spanish clay.

Looks like the boys are back at it, rain subsided.

That was just a little rain delay blogging.

Carry on!

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