Tserrible Tennis

I still like what I see in the young kid, but that was brutal, and Nadal’s invincible blitzkrieg style isn’t much better (but that’s preference more than anything). I got up, I watched (first full clay match I’ve seen first to last this season – was like a work-out; felt like I owed it to something, someone, myself. . .) and I remain firm in my stance about the clay, Nadal, etc.

The classic clay quality: they play in the rain!  Ha ha. It’s a sandbox or a mud puddle. Doesn’t matter.

Granted, some of Nadal’s returns, mid-point, he’s pinned deep, looks like his opponent’s point, but the clay goat comes-up with just an incredible escape is delightful.

But that’s few and far between. Not much really to say other than everyone should be bored out of their minds. And the field is as awful as Nadal is great.

Imagine the upset if Nadal does not maintain #1 through RG or loses RG?

What are the odds of that?

“Can you believe this shit?”

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